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Development Plans For Teens in Choosing A Career

Development Plans For Teens in Choosing A Career

Choosing a career is not easy, especially when you are a teenager. In pursuing the right career, teenagers want the right information, advice and guidance. This is very important because choosing a wrong career path would result in much wasted time, effort, money and frustrations.

Teenagers today are at an advantage since they grew up with much technological advances. The abilities of the teenagers must be considered first, in choosing the right career. This includes their intellectual levels; such as one’s worldview, educational qualifications and their skill sets. Knowing the abilities of the teenagers is very important especially in choosing the right career.

Teenagers are at an awkward time in their life, many are still seeking their own identity. They want guidance and advice to equip them with the right training towards their career. Parents can help their teens in this aspect by identifying their capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. Most colleges offer a free career assessment and aptitude test or you can take a free one online. You can do a search for free career assessment and aptitude test. This can be very helpful in determining the capability of your teen.

Once assessed, your teen must decide the kind of job they would like doing and consider the company they will be applying to. What is the company’s culture? Will you be happy working for such a company and its environment? They must have thorough information on the kinds of benefits that the company offers. Knowing whether the job will be a long or short-term opportunity and the career advancements available for their workers will help in their decision. Why contend with companies which offer little benefits or won’t get you where you want to go?

While good planning can help for a career choice, many teenagers won’t stay at their first job. Most teenagers when hired, will experience difficulty in adjusting to their first job. Pressures in meeting deadlines and in accomplishing tasks will cause much stress. If this is not properly addressed, it may also cause nervousness and fears to meet the daily challenges in the new work environment.

If this should ever occur, there are counseling centers available to assist in this area. Experts in their respective fields, such as psychologists, run these centers. They are health experts, human resource managers, and career counselors who can help your teen in assessing themselves, to understand their needs and implement the right action. Choosing the right career is one of those actions; the full utilization of the career is another. However, the teen’s right attitude, outlook in life, their dreams and aspirations will not be all learned from these counseling centers. The best counseling that teens can experience, is acquired from their families.

The family is the most influential factor to the teenager’s choice of careers. The parents must broaden their understanding on what the teen want, so the right support can be given. The attitudes of teens towards their career is affected by what they hear from their parents. If parents are always complaining about their job, most likely, the teenager would reject the same kind of career. If the parents have enjoyed their job, are content and happy, then there is a great possibility that their teens will follow the same career path. Consider these development plans when helping your teen choose the right career.…

How to Find Your Purpose and Live It

How to Find Your Purpose and Live It

Find Your Purpose

As human beings we have an instinctive drive to evolve, improve, and innovate, to make things faster, smarter, easier, better, and more sustainable; and with technology we are exponentially expanding the scope of what is possible. But even as new opportunities arise, many people find their old jobs obsolete or changing and their skill sets ready for an overhaul. Now, more than ever, it is essential to be clear about what is most important to you and how you choose to express your purpose through your life’s work.

Many people identify with their occupation. One of the most common questions when people meet for the first time is: “What do you do?” So as careers shift, it can influence self-perception. Work is a way to live your purpose and contribute to society. When a seemingly solid foundation of a career shifts, it can often lead to serious self-reflection or even a temporary feeling of loss. It is wise to begin asking timeless questions about your purpose and your mission: What is my purpose? Why am I here? How will I fulfill my destiny?

When you find your purpose, your livelihood and sense of self isn’t tied to a particular job or position. This is freedom: when your thoughts, words and actions are aligned with your purpose and you live from a space of inner harmony. Knowing the most appropriate opportunities will reveal themselves.

How do you find your purpose and evolve yourself – not only to rise with rapid technological advances and a shifting economy, but also to direct the course of progress toward your vision for the future? How will you align your thoughts, words and actions to manifest your hearts desire? How will you develop your own inner being so that in any environment you recognize, articulate and live your purpose while expressing your talents in a way that creates life-affirming value for others and prosperity for you?

You will find your purpose when you make conscious choices based on what is essential – not what is necessary or required, but what is of your essence: who you are and who you choose to be. You access this wisdom through stillness.

Stillness is where you source the insight to know your self, love your life, and live your purpose. Your intuitive wisdom grows and your purpose becomes clear as you honor, welcome, and allow stillness to be the nucleus of every thought, word, and deed.

You can also find your purpose by paying attention to what you love doing? What are you really good at? Where do you slip into timelessness? What is a natural action for you? If you could give anything to people, what would it be? The things which bring you joy are clues to your purpose.

Education and self-development are also important in finding your purpose. When I was 19, Jim Rohn, the great personal development pioneer, said to me, “Niurka, work on yourself harder than you work on your job. If you work on your job, you’ll make a living; but if you work on yourself, you’ll make a fortune.” He recognized that self-development influences your thoughts, and therefore every area of your life.

What will happen if you don’t find your purpose?

If you are not clear on your purpose, you will react to other people’s demands. You may move towards what you deem pleasurable and move away from what you consider painful, in a short-sided fashion.

Without your purpose to guide the way, it’s easy to get disoriented and sucked into other people’s agenda’s, often without realizing it, which may or may not be in alignment with what you really want. This experience is like being swept away by a cyclone, thrown around by the winds and currents. It’s disorienting and makes life harder because it’s a struggle to maintain equilibrium. Finding your purpose is being in the eye of the storm. It allows you to harness the wild energy, direct it, and actively chart a course. When you center yourself and live your purpose, nothing outside you has power over you. Instead, you ride it like a wave. You choose how to perceive, and give empowering meaning to your experiences.

To find your purpose, ask yourself, “Who Am I?”

You have the power to reinvent outdated self-perceptions that no longer serve your magnificence, bringing the essence of who you are into your life’s work. You can choose work based not only on what you do, but rather, on who you are. Instead of defining your work by position, tasks and responsibilities, you can describe your roles by the creative contribution you offer and the fulfillment you experience from bringing value to others and our world. Work becomes an extension …

CDL Truck Driver Jobs – Make Your Living on the Road

CDL Truck Driver Jobs – Make Your Living on the Road

The idea of pursuing CDL truck driver jobs is appealing to a lot of people, especially during rough patches in their lives, but not everyone is cut out for the open road lifestyle. Before jumping the gun and signing up for trucking companies CDL training courses you should put some serious consideration into whether or not you’re really the trucking type. Here are a few thoughts to consider before looking into CDL truck driver jobs.

The first thing to decide is whether or not you are really ready to spend large chunks of time on the road without your friends and family. Committing to class CDL driver jobs means that you’ll be spending a lot of time away from home and sleeping in hotels or your truck’s cab. If you are a true loner, then this might not sound too terrible to you, however if you are in a relationship or are a socialite you may not be ready for life on the road. If you aren’t sure whether you can handle the road life, try to arrange a ride along with professional trucker just to test the waters. While it won’t be a perfect simulation of the solo life, it will give you an idea of what it’s like.

Another thing to think about is the cost associated with CDL training and classes. Most truck driving schools cost several thousand dollars to attend and then require you to work for a certain company for up to a year after graduation while you gather the experience needed to find jobs elsewhere. While you may be tempted to drop the money as soon as the thought enters your head and register for classes for CDL truck driver jobs, it’s important to be cautious. You should also keep in mind that most starting jobs pay very low wages as well.

If you are positive that you want to pursue trucking as a career you should be sure to research a variety of schools in your area to find out which is the most affordable, which has the best results and what companies hire their graduates as well as how much those companies pay them. Most CDL truck driver jobs are not available to fresh graduates since insurance companies require a certain amount of experience to be obtained first. To get around this, many schools are owned by large companies who also own their insurance agencies which allows them to make special adjustments to the rules.

Deciding to enter the world of trucking is a big decision that will change your life and your lifestyle for as long as you’re involved with it. Remember to take some time and consider all the factors so that you will be sure that you are ready for CDL truck driver jobs before taking the plunge.…

Continuing Insurance Education – Completed Online

Continuing Insurance Education – Completed Online

The majority of professions these days require their agents/employees to keep up to date on industry trends, laws and regulations, and best practices. In one form or another, they are required to complete continuing education. Every profession is different, depending on what their state requires. In a very highly regulated industry, insurance and financial professionals must abide by certain rules their state enforces. There are rules and regulations in place for a reason. Everyone is better off if the agents are more knowledgeable in their field. The insurance company, the agent, and the client all benefit from insurance continuing education.

Most states allow the professional to choose how to complete their education, while others enforce certain rules. For instance, the state of Utah makes their insurance agents complete at least three credits of ethics sitting in a classroom. On the other hand, the state of California will allow their agents to complete all of their continuing education online. You must check with your state’s rules and regulations to make sure you are cooperating with state guidelines. Online continuing education is usually the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way to complete your education. It can be done from anywhere where in the United States with internet access.

Online insurance continuing education courses vary from state to state. Some will allow you to read a textbook and then take an open-book multiple choice test on whichever subject you choose. Others actually require a monitor present while completing the online exam. Once you finish the exam, the monitor must fax in an affidavit stating that you did not cheat or use the textbook while completing the exam. The third type of online courses are interactive courses. Interactive courses are usually considered classroom equivalent. Students must read a chapter out of the book, take a short quiz, and then move on to the next chapter. They must do this for every chapter in the book. Then, once the agent completes the quizzes, they must take a final exam to complete the course. Many students take online interactive courses so they do not have to sit in a classroom. They have become more and more popular over the years.

As you can see there are many different options when taking online insurance continuing education courses. It is advised to contact your state to see exactly what they require when completing online education. If you cannot reach your state, call an approved provider for more information.…

Engineering Business – The Future of Residential Development in Las Vegas

Engineering Business – The Future of Residential Development in Las Vegas

Over the past several months there has been a noticeable trend by the local Home Builders in the Las Vegas area. Although not even near the level of development activity in 2007, several Home Builders are cautiously processing new residential developments through the cities and county Development Services offices. This is good news. Since the beginning of 2008, new residential projects have nearly ceased to exist in the area.

Engineering firms hired to process these designs begin with their first exposure to the government’s scrutiny of the design by submitting a Tentative Map. By the time the Tentative Map is heard by the Planning Commission, the engineering firm has already been working on the project for about 3 months. In most cases the Tentative Map is ultimately approved or not at the Planning Commission public meeting. After the Tentative Map has been approved the engineering firm moves on to the Technical Reports and the Off-site Improvement Plans or Development Plans with the goal being that the government entities signing off on the final drawings, and the developer to pull construction permits. The period of time from the Tentative Map approval to pulling permits is about 6 to 9 months. This is why Tentative Maps on the Planning Commission agenda is a good indicator for future development in the area.

With several of the Home Builders processing engineering plans now is a clear indicator that they are planning to cut the ground in late 2011, and continue building through 2012. But again this maybe just in preparation for a possible up tick in housing demand. If there is no increase in demand for new homes next year the developers can shelve the projects for another year or two.

The major Home Builders that appear to be taking the plunge are Richmond American Homes, The Howard Hughes Corporation, Lennar Communities Nevada, KB Homes, and William Lyons Homes. These developers have submitted projects at Clark County, City of Las Vegas, and City of North Las Vegas Development Services Offices. Other Home Builders which are also making a move are Pardee Homes, Ryland Homes, DR Horton, and Harmony Homes.

For the first six months of the year only seven residential development Tentative Maps were submitted with a total of 730 residential lots and 178 condominium units. There has only been one Condominium project submitted to any agency in the Las Vegas valley this year.

For the months of July, August, and September, ten Tentative Maps for residential developments have been on the North Las Vegas, City of Las Vegas, City of Henderson, and Clark County Planning Commissions agendas combined. The total number of new residential lots represented by these maps is 1,653. Most of the lots are located in the Mountain’s Edge Master Planned Community, Summerlin Master Planned Community and on the north side of the Las Vegas valley.

* Richmond American Homes is processing the Monterey Ranch plan which includes 543 cluster home lots within the Mountain Edge Master Planned Community development.

* The Howard Hughes Corporation is also processing two projects; 34 lots and 267 lots, which are located on the west side of the Las Vegas valley within the Summerlin Master Plan Community.

* Lennar Communities Nevada is also process plans for Jasmine at Mountain Edge. The project will consist of 238 compact residential lots.

* KB Homes has submitted plans for 52 Single Family residential lots in Cliff Edge and another 111 residential lots in the City of Henderson.

* William Lyons Homes has submitted plans for 2 projects. These projects include 24 residential lots at Rhapsody South in North Las Vegas, and 90 single family residential lots at Serenity Brook Estates, II in Clark County.

* Pardee Homes of Nevada has submitted plans for a 106 single family residential development in Providence, a community in the City of Las Vegas.

* Ryland Homes has submitted plans for a 99 residential lots in the City of Henderson.

We asked a representative of one of the Home Builders why they are submitting plans now? According to him they marketing research indicates that there will be demand for new home next year, and in order to meet that demand they need to start processing plans the now.

Does this mean that the construction companies and engineering design firms are about to be see a rebound. Not necessarily. But it does mean that the demand for engineering may have reached a turning point. If the national Home Builders are willing to make the investment in Las Vegas now, then other smaller developers may also want to test the waters. If the home buyers demand are as they anticipate next year, then there will be a demand for engineers.

In this article we …

6 Tips To Help Organize Your Time While Job Searching

6 Tips To Help Organize Your Time While Job Searching

Job searching can be overwhelming, long and tiresome. In order to use your time productively and get the best results, you should organize your activities and set short-term goals. Organizing your time will help you to stay focused, avoid burning out and help you to achieve maximum results.

Below are some tips for activities you can focus on to organize your time, but remember there are many ways you can do this according to your objectives, schedule, career field, and any interviews, new job postings or contacts that emerge. You can choose certain days to focus on a couple of activities, adapting your schedule to any contact leads or interviews you get from employers:

It’s a good idea to spend some time each day checking the top career websites in your field. You may even want to choose one or two career sites to focus on each day. Make a list of the positions that interest you and that match your skills and experiences. You should make time to fill out an application, customize your resume and cover letter to the position and include any other specifications to apply for the job within the same week.

Research companies or organizations in your field that interest you. Save your top companies and frequently refer back to their websites for job postings. Remember to also research small companies in your field of interest. It can often be easier to land an entry-level position in a smaller company when you’re first starting out.

Spend some time building your social networks and relevant career site profiles.

Make time to talk to family and friends about anyone they may know in the field you’re interested in. Ask them for contacts to set up an informational phone call or meeting so you can network and learn about any hiring fairs or updates in the field.

If an employer contacts you to set up an interview, your first priority is to research the company and prepare for your interview.

Read up on relevant news or information in your field. Employers like to see that you stay updated on developments in the field and you’ll also gain more insight into the job market.

Try to create goals for yourself each week. They can be simple goals, such as: find and read 3 articles related to your field; find and apply to 5 relevant positions, catering your professional resume and cover letter to those specific jobs; create your LinkedIn profile and join groups in the type of work that interests you; create a list of organizations you want to research-you get the idea!

Setting goals each week will help you stay focused and motivated so that you can find the right positions and eventually land a job.…

4 Hot Tips That Will Kick Your Day Trading Career Into Overdrive!

4 Hot Tips That Will Kick Your Day Trading Career Into Overdrive!

1. Develop a trading plan and stick to it.

Trading is just like any other business if you don’t have plan of action you are destined to fail. A trading plan is a necessity because without one you are just gambling. A good trading plan will have defined rules that tell you: when to take a trade, how much to risk, and when to exit a trade. It is important that you develop a trading plan and adhere to its rules if you hope to be a successful trader.

2. Learn To Accept Losses.

Losing is a part of trading and you will never escape it. As human beings we seek perfection we want to believe that if we can just find the right method we can trade the markets flawlessly and never take a loss. Unfortunately that is not the case as even the best traders in the world take losses its a part of the game. The key however is to not fear these losses but to simply expect them to occur and to manage your risk accordingly

3. Use Proper Money Management.

The key to lasting in the world of day trading is to control your risk. You have resist the temptation trade to maximize gains and to instead trade to minimize loss. You have to treat your capital as you would a loved one. You wouldn’t risk a family members life would you? So don’t risk your capital unnecessarily because your capital is the life line of your trading career. Keep your maximum risk to between 2-3% per trade and you will ensure that even if you suffer a string of losses you will live to trade another day

4. Don’t Be Greedy

When you open a trade and the market does exactly what you thought it would do you are going to be tempted to hold on to the trade because you figure its going to keep moving in the same direction making you more money. This however could backfire as the market could quickly reverse and wipe away all your gains. To avoid this you need to take profit once the market has given you a certain amount of profit. This amount should be defined in your trading plan and should be strictly adhered to.

Day Trading may seem like an impossible thing to learn but with these tips you will be well on your way to a successful day trading career.…