Discover The Benefits Of Six Sigma Online Training

Discover The Benefits Of Six Sigma Online Training

Learning Six Sigma via internet training can be compared to having a real consultant visiting the company. The same belt earning certifications are being offered in these online courses. Money and time can be saved if one has a big group of employees that need certified in this quality management strategy. If the course is on the internet, this means that the business can save more money on instructors and materials, as well as transportation. Another advantage is that the staff can be offered a flexible schedule to follow the courses. There is no need for the employees to spend a lot of time in a classroom, so they are able to spend more time in the workplace and at home.

There are courses on the internet which are especially designed for people who are already familiar with this methodology. For example, someone that has already earned his or her green belt certification and wants to advance to the black belt or higher can do so.

Most of the training is interactive. Access to the teacher is possible at specific times. There are also courses where the students can communicate with their teacher in chat rooms. Any type of career advancement training is a form of investment in one’s career and one’s business. The business owner and his or her employees will get a chance to learn skills that are new and older skills can also be reinforced. This is why it is important to look at Six Sigma Training and Certification as an investment rather than an expense.

Most corporations nowadays cannot survive without this certification or one similar because business world is expecting very high quality products and services. Because the six sigma courses can be followed online, it will become easier, even for people with a hectic schedule, to participate. It is more difficult to take the time to attend on-site classes; e-learning has made it possible for everyone who wants to become certified to do so.

Many Six Sigma courses on the internet are independent and are structured based on a particular textbook. The students have to read the sections that are required and then they are tested on the material that was covered. Sometimes there are also additional resources available. They usually indicate which materials are required for the exams and the certifications. Most often, a Six Sigma Project is also required to be completed in order for certification.

Six Sigma Online training offers several levels of certification. The courses are designed especially for people with a busy lifestyle. Any business will reach its potential and the value of one’s career will increase when a quality management system is put into place.…

Find Out More About Therapy Dogs

Find Out More About Therapy Dogs

One factor you could have for looking into service dog certification accreditation would be to utilize your pet for therapy. It must be observed, that in some situations, therapy dogs are not labeled as service animals.

However, therapy dogs are generally found in schools, hospitals, assisted living facilities and retirement areas, so it would definitely help you and your puppy to keep them as well qualified as possible so they will work effectively in public areas.

They have also been proven to give alleviation of fears under tragic circumstances. People who have learning disabilities may also find these dogs beneficial to them.

One of many early uses of therapy dogs began during World War Two. People arriving to see hurt soldiers could often carry their dogs, or in some situations also the injured soldiers dog, to brighten them up. It actually was discovered that not only did the dog lift the spirits of the particular person being visited, but also other people in beds nearby.

At some time it became evident that also a basic day visit at the zoo could become an impressive experience to many individuals experiencing a selection of problems. But therapy dogs are not only used to guide people who have real physical issues, they are also used to minimize anxiety, the genuine lowering of ones blood pressure levels and for basically getting a person in a better mood irrespective of what could be worrying them at any given time. The usage of these animals has also been rising recently involving children with presentation and mental concerns.

Therapy dogs may be of any size or breed. Golden retrievers are one of the hottest varieties due to their peaceful personalities. Therapy dogs must be peaceful, helpful and soft. Commonly, regardless of breed, older dogs may show to be the most successful for this specific purpose versus a high strength pup. Yet again, that is where service dog certification education will come into play, to ensure these animals present their greatest behavior.

Even though some pets could have a great effect on an animal lover basically by presenting the calm, helpful and soft attributes stated earlier, it certainly will be useful to further train these animals as well. The response to basic directions like, ‘come’, ‘sit’ or ‘keep’ could make it much easier to be out and about in a public area. Additional directions such as, ‘paws up’, ‘back’ and ‘forward’ could be very practical in setting these animals up to give the greatest therapy conditions.

As stated at the beginning of this informative article, while therapy dogs are not typically identified by law as service dogs, there are numerous agencies that both examine and give qualification for these animals. One of them being the American Kennel Club. Some of this assessment tests the dogs in not being reluctant of canes or people in wheelchairs. Some other assessment criteria guarantees that they behave well with children and the elderly. The effect of quick, loud tones also is discovered.

So, definitely, service dog certification could go a long way in helping your dog to complete these checks and receive this additional accreditation.…

CNA Certification in Michigan Eligibility Requirements

CNA Certification in Michigan Eligibility Requirements

In 1987, federal legislation Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 (OBRA-87) was passed by Congress to improve the nursing and nursing-related cares in nursing homes. The legislation requires nursing homes to employ nurse aides who are trained and evaluated through state Nurse Aide training and Evaluation Program (NATCEP). The federal requirements included 75 hours training program which contains classroom instruction, lab training and16 hour’s clinical hands-on experience in an approved facility, and a Written/Oral Test and Skill Test. The training program also requires inclusion of minimum OBRA required education requirements. Nurse Aides meeting federal requisites are awarded a CNA Certification and registered with the state Nurse Aide Registry.

In the state of Michigan, the State Department of Community Health has been entrusted the responsibility to develop a state CNA program that includes minimum OBRA requirements and accordingly, Michigan Nurse Aide Training Curriculum, 1989, was designed to train nurse assistants in direct patient cares. The complete duration of state approved NATP is federal legislation required 75 hours, divided between 34 hours class/16.5 hours lab and 24.5 hours clinical training. The administration of the state training program is the responsibility of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Bureau of Health Professions.

The Department has assigned a nationally recognized test agency Prometric to develop, manage and administer state competency evaluation test (CEP) and maintain MI Nurse Aide Registry to list certified nurse assistants holding CNA Certification in Michigan.

Once the students have successfully completed nurse CNA Training program, they must appear and pass Witten Test and Clinical Test. The successful candidates are awarded a CNA Certification in Michigan by Prometric and listed with the state Nurse Aide Registry which also allows them to perform health-related tasks in Medicare and Medicaid approved facilities and long term care facilities.

The testing process requires completing a Michigan Competency Evaluation Registration Form and submitting it to Prometric with a copy of CNA program completion certificate. The applicant applying for a CEP must submit the documents within one year of completing his/her training program.

If the submitted documents meet the testing contractor’s own requirements, the applicant is sent an Authorization to Test (ATT) and a list of MI testing sites. On receiving the ATT and testing site list, the candidate can call the testing center where he/she wants the test to be scheduled and fix an appointment to test. The ATT is applicable for one year and the candidate must pass the CEP during that period for a CNA Certification in Michigan. The examinees are offered three chances to pass the test and if they fail to pass in three attempts they will have to recomplete the training program once again.

The successful candidate is awarded a CNA Certification in Michigan, which is valid for two years and must be renewed before it expires.…

Do You Have A Life Plan?

Do You Have A Life Plan?

Do you have a life plan for your life? This does not involve just a career path. When my granddaughter was born, I began thinking more how I want to live my life. I wanted her in my life. This means, my life as I now know it has to change. I cannot just willy-nilly do what I want. I have to carve out a time to be with her. This involves taking in my daughter’s plan and planning ahead. How do I want to live my life?

I find that there are things that get in the way of me living the life I want to live. I have to work, but do I have to put in the extra hours that I do not get paid for? Do I really need to watch that TV show? TV will always be there, but my granddaughter will grow-up without me, if I let the time pass by. I like writing, so I need to carve out a time for writing. Soon my book will be published and I will have to be on the marketing circuit to get it out. I need to build these things around my granddaughter.

I want to spend more time with my husband who is a recluse. It takes a lot for me to get him out of the house. I do not want us to wallow in the empty-nest syndrome and I feel that is where he is stuck. All of this means me changing my schedule. This will take a lot for me to do. It takes a commitment on my part. We need to plan a life together where we each have our own time and where we have together time. Then we need grandma and grandpa time. We are grandparents and need to work as a team. This will take practice. It has been twenty-seven years since we have had a little one under our feet. This will take an adjustment on our part.

My life plan includes writing another book. This will take time and I will have to carve out time to write it without compromising all of my other goals for my life plan. I write for my Blog and for EzineArticles. I need to carve out time to keep these up and running. Besides working as a therapist, writing is my avocation and I have to write to keep up my craft and push myself to get beyond where I am. This is not a daily activity, but I am thinking of changing my writing habits to make my life plan work. This will mean not just writing two days a week, but getting up early and writing every day so I can reach my life goal of writing my second book as well as keep up with my Blog and article writing as well as continue working as a therapist.

Creating your life plan is not an easy thing to do. These are only a few things I would like to do. Retirement is a different phase and I will soon have to include this in my life plan. Plus, I have to factor in life events and health concerns. All in all, I want to start my life plan today. What are you waiting for? What is your life plan? Have you thought that far ahead? It is never too soon to start. I never thought I would be where I am today if you asked me 10 years ago. Then, I did not have a life plan. This is new to me too. Get started today. What do you have to lose?…

Tips for Finding a New Job While You Are Currently Employed

Tips for Finding a New Job While You Are Currently Employed

The current job market is not ideal and there is uncertainty; that said there are great career opportunities out there. If you are currently employed it is more difficult to conduct a job search, but it can be done smartly and respectfully. Here are some tips for a productive job search while currently employed, and moving on with grace:


Job hunting while you are employed can be tricky. You don’t want to burn bridges or be replaced before you have found your dream job. While in general the more people who know you are looking, the easier for people to find you, this is not an option when you need to keep your current employment. Conducting a job search confidentially means choosing the people you tell wisely. Typically you wouldn’t include your co-workers, upper management, or company contacts in this secret. Working with a recruiter will protect your identity until mutual interest with a prospective employer is established. When you do have an interview, let the company know that your job search is confidential.

Do It On Your Own Time & Dime

This is your job search, make sure you do this on your personal time and use your own resources. Make sure that you provide only personal the contact information on your resume or cover letter. For job search correspondence, use a personal email, or set up a new email, and use your own phone and personal computer. This is respectful of the work contract in which you are currently engaged, and will keep you out of any conflicts that could arise if your job search becomes known.


Just as the job searching should be done on your own time, ideally interviews should too. This is not always possible of course, so when you can’t schedule a phone or onsite interview outside of work hours, use your paid time off. Rather than invent any reasons, simply use your personal time. And be careful if you going to work on the same days as your interview that you don’t give yourself away by arriving dressed in a suit and tie that you never wear to work!

Internet Job Hunting

Privacy settings may include your name and contact information for example, and some offer the ability to block specific viewers such as your current company from viewing your resume. While the internet offers vast resources, be careful about what you broadcast on social media from Twitter to LinkedIn, your comments can be widely distributed and very difficult to retract. Review your photos and personal information as employers use social media too!


It is difficult to utilize networks when your job search is confidential, however you can strengthen relationships and communications in general which may open up some doors and offer insight into new opportunities.

Moving On With Grace

Stay invested in your current position and honor the work contract and trust that you have with your current employer while job searching. Until you have accepted an offer in writing, don’t tell anyone about your job search or new job. Once the new position is confirmed, tell your boss first and follow the usual protocols of providing adequate notice (typically at least two weeks). Be graceful in your departure. The relationships you have built here are important, whether for continuing business relations in the same industry, obtaining recommendations in the future, or even future employment down the road with colleagues.…

3 Types of HIPAA Certification

3 Types of HIPAA Certification

If you work in any field related to healthcare you have certainly come across the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in your job. Depending on your responsibilities and your access to personal health information, a HIPAA certification may be a good idea for your job. If you have any kind of direct access to personal health information, it is likely that your employee even requires certification.

If your employer does not require certification, it does not mean it is not relevant to your position. The HIPAA laws are quite complicated and affect a great deal of areas in health care. Non-compliance with HIPAA regulations can result in costly fines and potentially civil lawsuits from patients. Truly, anyone employed in the healthcare industry could benefit from a certification.

There are three main types of HIPAA certifications you can complete. Each is targeted towards a certain aspect of healthcare professional or information technology professional. You may find it useful to become certified in all three HIPAA certifications or just one, depending on your position. Below are the three types of certifications and their definitions, uses, and applications.

• Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP). CHP certification is a Level 1 HIPAA certification. It covers mostly just the basics of HIPAA and does not require any certain education or prerequisites. This is a great certification for all employees in any organization that has access to personal health information. In CHP certification, employees will gain an overview of HIPAA and why it was implemented. Health care executives, risk supervisors, privacy and security employees, nurses, and physicians can all benefit from a CHP certification.

• Certified HIPAA Administrator (CHA). The CHA certification is most applicable to end-users like nurses and hospital administrators who deal directly with the delivery of health care services. The CHA certification focuses heavily on the privacy aspects of HIPAA legislation. The CHA certification is also very patient centric, covering how HIPAA will affect patients in regards to their personal health information and medical records. With CHA certification, end-users will have a solid grasp on patient privacy and HIPAA compliance on a daily basis.

• Certified HIPAA Security Specialist (CHSS). CHSS is a Level 2 HIPAA certification. To qualify for the CHSS certification, participants must already have completed the CHP certification. The CHSS focusing on electronic medical records and the information technology aspects of HIPAA compliance. Graduates will have a deep understanding of security standards and practices surrounding electronic medical records and how it applies to HIPAA. All healthcare information technology employees should complete CHSS certification.

It can be a very costly decision not to have employees to gain HIPAA certification. Costs of non-compliance from fines and civil lawsuits far outweigh the costs of HIPAA certification programs for employees. The more employees in an organization with HIPAA certification, the lower the risk of security breaches or violations of HIPAA laws. To ensure your professional success and the overall success and safety of your organization and the patients it serves, HIPAA certification is a requirement.

Insurance CE – Worth the Investment

Insurance CE – Worth the Investment

If you are an insurance professional, you would be well aware of the statutory requirements in the field of insurance – of continuing education (also known as CE) each year so that your license remains up to date.

Insurance CE is a huge industry; and there are hundreds of training centers across the country which survive solely on insurance continuing education. As the number of insurance agents in the country increases, there is more and more demand for continuing education, as it is mandatory in all the states to have a prescribed number of training hours attended each year, failing which the insurance license may be revoked.

But like many other things, insurance CE has also gone online, and in the last couple of years, there has been a major increase in the percentage of people who have shifted online for their training hours. In the beginning, the large training institutes shifted online and the certification was done from their local centers. However, today, there are superb online institutes which have been set up solely for the purpose of Insurance CE. Some of the best ones even allow their visitors to read through all the material online for free – even without registration, and then pay for the examination. Even the test is done online, and certification also is done through a secure server through the website itself. Since the whole process is done online, the insurance professional need not worry about booking a slot and attending classes at a training institute locally. From the comfort of his own home, he can log on, read all the topics any number of times, and then attempt to take the test.

The mandatory topic of Ethics is the first paper that people will need to take, and for every additional paper they attempt, the pricing structure is different. One thing, however, is certain. The investment it takes for people to get certified online is nothing when compared to what a training institute would charge you outside. That is one more reason (and a major one at that!) as to why a great number of people prefer to shift online for their insurance CE. Since the number of hours is to be logged every year or every couple of years (depending on the state) for the insurance license to be valid, it would amount to quite a bit of savings in the long run.

If you are not familiar with insurance CE yet, get there! You will enjoy it. You will not only fulfill your state requirements, but you will learn a great deal with every course you take. You will learn about new laws, sales tactics, and different products and services available for your clients.…