3 Tips for Using Social Media Wisely

Social media is a place or place for a person to interact with other people online which is widely used by people around the world. In social media, we can find new friends, distant family, find old friends, chat with real time , discuss, share moments, and so on. The difference is, everything is done online and is connected via the internet.

Social Media

Currently, there are various types of social media that you can use. For example, Facebook which prioritizes the friendship feature, Instagram which is a place to express and share photos and videos, or Twitter with its popular tweets, can also be used to follow famous figures/artists, find out about current world developments and so on.

Just like in the real world, social media also has a myriad of rules and regulations that you must obey and understand when using it. In addition, in using social media, you must really pay attention to communication etiquette. The goal, so that we can use social media well and avoid anything that is not desirable.

Tips for Using Social Media Wisely

Many of today’s social media users have not been able to use it wisely, well, and correctly. Plus the number of users who are still underage, they actively use social media without knowing the ethics of using it. Even though social media has a bad impact if it is not used wisely.

Here are tips for you, so you can use social media wisely and correctly.

1. Keep Your Privacy on Social Media

Among the functions of social media is to express yourself, share experiences and beautiful moments, introduce yourself to all social media users. However, it still has its limitations.

Do not let things that fall into your privacy are also shared on social media. Not everyone on social media has good traits and character, it could be that irresponsible people take advantage of your privacy to commit crimes.

Therefore you must be vigilant and careful about your privacy and identity.

When using social media, everyone can follow, see and monitor you. Whether it’s from profile photos, uploads, status, activity, and everything about what you post in it. Therefore, it is important to maintain your privacy, so as not to carelessly indulge in privacy.

For example, the profile photo that you use can be used for crimes by other users. Like creating a (fake) cloning account in your name, or other bad things. Therefore, try setting so that your profile photo cannot be accessed publicly.

If in doubt, use a profile photo of an animal/cartoon image. However, this does have its drawbacks, namely that your friends will have a little trouble recognizing and finding your account, but for security and errors, it doesn’t hurt.

The personal data you use when registering is also at risk of being misused. For that, I suggest that personal data such as address, date of birth, phone number, or email be set to private. It is also recommended to provide personal information as necessary and do not overdo it.

2. Think before Making a Post

The nice thing about social media is that we can make posts/status and other people can give feedback, like, or comment on it. However, keep in mind that we can not arbitrarily make posts. Make sure that the posts that we make do not offend others, or contain elements of SARA. Because, if so, you could be prosecuted.

When making posts, also make sure you don’t overexpose yourself and your family. Moreover, to show off your wealth and display your current location. Because, it can invite criminals and lead to crime.

Be careful when sharing posts on social media, in addition to making posts, we can also share other people’s posts. In this case, we as users still have to be careful. Because, there are posts in the form of fake news or things that are often called hoaxes. Do not carelessly share other people’s posts before knowing the source of the news and the truth of the information you share.

Hoax itself is made by irresponsible parties to bring someone down or make the atmosphere chaotic. Therefore, be careful when you want to share posts. Make sure the source is credible and trustworthy.

If we spread false information (HOAX), it will make hoaxes spread endlessly. Just imagine, when you share it, it gets seen by other people and triggers that person to share it. Then, and so on until the hoax is not stopped.

3. Be selective when receiving information

When you are on social media, surely a lot of news and information will appear on your social media timeline. However, not all news is written based on facts and the level of truth is not necessarily verified. Therefore, we need our awareness to choose and evaluate the news.…


Build Your Character in the World of Work

Have you ever seen someone who has character in his own right? Do you want to be seen as having your own character? If so, then, you can start learning how to form a character.

Build the character is not something that can not be done. There are several ways and points that must be learned to form your own character. There are many benefits that you can feel when you are able to shape your own character.

Basically the character possessed by each person is different. You see a businessman with a doctor they have different characters. Building character can actually help you find your true self.

So when you want to form a character, do it right and according to yourself. Don’t build character by looking at other people’s lives or personalities.

As for how to form a character for yourself, you can start with the following ways

Learn to respect character of yourself

How can shape character when you can’t respect yourself. Start respecting yourself, love yourself, and be proud and believe in yourself.

The more you consider yourself worthy, the easier it is for you to shape your own character. Especially for someone who wants to achieve success, learning to respect yourself is mandatory.

Believe it or not, building character by respecting yourself will affect the way you interact with other people. You can also be better at building relationships with other people.

Form self-principles character

Understanding and believing what you believe in is one of the forms of a person’s character. Building character can be done by believing something is right and not being influenced by what is wrong.

When you are a person who has principles in your life, your principles cannot be broken just like that when there are differences. For example, if you are a person who believes that “trust is important”. So, don’t violate this principle.

Know and control yourself

In this world there are various kinds of things that can affect you if you can’t control yourself. Controlling yourself can help you shape your character.

People who cannot control themselves will be easily influenced by the environment around them. For people who can control themselves, they will not be easily influenced by the surrounding environment.

Having character can be seen when you can control yourself so that you are not affected by the environment. Of course, self-control is also good to do to avoid various negative influences.

Keep learning

Character is not automatically acquired from birth, but we can shape and build. It’s never too late to keep learning to shape your character.

Learn from everything. Starting from your own experiences that you have gone through, mistakes you have made, stories from the experiences of those around you, to taking self-development classes.…


How to Educate Children About Lupus

Lupus is a disorder that can affect children. This is caused by the immune system, which is supposed to protect the body, instead has a negative impact on itself, also known as autoimmune disease. Children who suffer from this disease certainly need to be given education so that they understand the conditions that attack them. How is it educated? Here’s the answer!

Some Ways to Educate Children About Lupus Disease That Affects Him

The biggest problem in children with chronic diseases such as lupus is the uncertainty of the conditions that will occur. Children who experience this problem may feel fine, but the pain lasts a few hours afterward. This may make the child experience confusion about the condition he is experiencing. Therefore, everyone needs to provide education about the lupus disease that occurs to him.

There are many different ways to teach children and adolescents after being diagnosed with lupus. The method that can be selected can be adjusted to the age and level of maturity of the child. As a parent, the mother must be really patient and slow to give an explanation while looking for the right words so that the child can easily understand.

Of course this focuses on the following facts:

  • Explain to your child that having lupus is not your fault. There is nothing that can be done or prevented from the cause.
  • Lupus is not a contagious disease, you can’t catch it or pass it on to other people.
  • Lupus is not a type of cancer, although people with it may have to take the same medications as people with cancer.

Well, here’s a method that can be done according to the age of the child:

Preschool: 3 to 5 years

Children aged between 3-5 years tend to be very literal in their understanding. He may think that “this disease is because of his bad attitude” or “it will get better if he acts well.” At this age, children don’t need a lot of information about lupus, but some easy-to-understand basics need to be given. Some points that can be conveyed, among others:

  • Having lupus doesn’t mean your little one did anything bad or made a mistake.
  • Lupus can make the body feel tired and sick in several parts of the body.
  • The doctor will give you medicine to help your child feel better.
  • Make sure to always take your medicine on time every day to get better.
  • If your child feels sick, teach them to tell their parents, teachers, and other adults.

Elementary School: 5 to 10 years

Children who have reached elementary school will think concretely and abstractly. Your little one may already be able to understand that if he has lupus, it’s not his fault, even though he can’t get rid of the burden. Encourage your child to ask questions about their illness to better understand their condition. Use these points when in a conversation:

  • Having lupus is not your own fault or that you have done anything wrong.
  • Children can still go to school, play with friends, and do something productive.
  • This disorder can make a person feel tired, sick, and sore .
  • If you feel unwell, make sure your child tells a parent, teacher, or other adult.
  • The doctor will give very important medicines to continue to take him.
  • Mothers should make sure the teacher knows about the child’s condition.
  • It is also okay to tell classmates so they understand if one day the child suddenly does not come to school.
  • Make sure to wash your hands frequently during the day and try to stay away from classmates who are sick so they don’t get infected.
  • By educating children about all things related to lupus. Some of these methods are expected to make the child understand more about his condition, so he accepts it with grace and is more careful to maintain his health.

Physical Therapy Continuing Education – Who’s More Prone to ACL Injuries?

Physical Therapy Continuing Education – Who’s More Prone to ACL Injuries?

Physical Therapy medical knowledge is constantly advancing, thus it is crucial for all therapists to stay up to date with their Physical Therapy Continuing Education. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing an expert in the ACL rehabilitation field. Here are some excerpts from the interview.

: So, if we just talk a little bit more general about ACLs at this stage, it seems like there’s a higher incidence in females than male.

ACL Expert: We did a study on the north side of Cincinnati, it’s been about 20 years ago now, where we were covering Soccer World, which was an indoor soccer/football arena. We did a study where we were trying to figure out – they also had outdoor fields and our athletic trainers were covering both venues. What we were interested in was this idea – is there a higher incidence, is there a higher risk on a turf field versus a grass field? That’s the way we designed the study.

Now, these sort of epidemiological or injury surveillance studies are difficult to do because it’s relatively easy to determine the numerator of the equation, how many injuries occur, but the denominator, the amount of exposure, is actually quite difficult to determine in many situations.

At Soccer World it really wasn’t because what we had was recreational team soccer ranging from age 18 to 35, and these were coed soccer teams, so half males, half females. Each game was exactly an hour long and everyone played throughout the match. So, we knew exactly how much exposure all the players had, and how much exposure the women and men had.

Going in we had no hypotheses related to differences between males and female. When we looked at the data there was no statistically significant difference between injury risk on grass field and a turf field.

However, when we looked closer at the data, women had a 6.2 times higher likelihood of tearing their ACL than males. We published that in the early ’90s and really at that point people were surprised by it. Truthfully, that first study was kind of ignored as maybe an aberration.

Then what happened is several groups started looking at the data at the NCAA level and started realizing whether you looked at any kind of planting, cutting sport like soccer or basketball or volleyball, what you saw was a sex difference in relative risk that ranged between two- and ten-fold.

Now, in 2010, that’s really well established. That women and girls have a significantly higher, on average about a five-fold higher risk, per exposure. If you look at the amount of time they’re out on the court, out on the field, and you have that denominator of the equation, you’re going to find that women are about five times higher risk of an ACL.

Being aware of the difference in incidence rates between males and females in Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries is just one of the pieces of puzzles. Often rehabilitation and prevention strategies need to be geared differently depending on the athlete’s gender. For the PT looking for a Physical Therapy Continuing Education course on this subject, make sure to check if your course addresses this.…

How Can an MBA Help You Run a Small Business?

How Can an MBA Help You Run a Small Business?

There have been many successful and unsuccessful small businesses over the years. What differentiates one from the other? To start, a strong education can certainly help an owner get their business running. There are many different types of industries and companies, but all have the same strong core components. When starting a new business you need a strong business plan, product or service, and a staff to help run the day-to-day operations. Once a business gets off the ground they need to make good strategic decisions. If a business is not growing it is dying. Depending on the industry, a 10-15% growth rate year over year is the sign of a fairly healthy company. A Master’s in Business Administration is a very popular degree. It can help you gain employment within a corporation, start your own business, or consult others how to run a more efficient and successful business. In this article we are going to talk about how an MBA can help you run a small business. There are a few key components we are going to touch on that are included in almost every MBA program and talk about how they can help you in your day-to-day business activities.

The first component we are going to talk about is a finance class. A typical MBA finance class will discuss the time value of money, investment strategies and stocks and bonds. These are a little more important for a larger corporation, but if you start making some money you need to know how to invest it wisely.

The second concept is marketing. You could have the best product or service in the world, but if you do not know how to properly market it you will not sell much of it. There are many different ways to market different products. Some of the more popular strategies are direct mail, radio and TV advertising, and internet marketing. All three can be very effective depending on your budget and the product you are selling.

Finally, we are going to discuss the accounting concepts in an MBA program. This may be one of the most important classes in an MBA program. Accounting tells the owner where the money is coming from and where the money is going. As we know, every business is about making money to pay the bills. An MBA will discuss balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and income statements. All three of these documents are essential to a successful business.…

Some Career Possibilities in Fiber Optic Cable

Some Career Possibilities in Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber optics has become the fastest way for transferring data even over a far distance. There are a lot of applications which use this fiber optic technology, such as broadband internet which brings high definition television service. With this fastest growing technology, there are a lot of career opportunities for you including electronics and telecommunications.


It is known as the people who provide service for installing new cable. You have to be able to put new connections for radio companies and communications which needs to upgrade networks to meet the satisfaction of their customers. Commonly, they work with construction companies, contractors, utilities, or telecommunication companies.


Repairer is similar to the installer. The deference is that he deals with destroyed or damaged cable lines. If you are interested in being a repairer, you should be able to determine the number of damage control and maintenance work which needs doing. Then, you have to repair or replace that damaged line.

However, the work of installer and repairer is risky. You have to work in high places such as utility poles and communication towers. You can also work in very confined spaces such as crawling spaces and trenches. In addition, you also have to be ready for working under the extreme weather conditions or around high voltages. Becoming an installer or repairer does not need a high level of education, high school diploma and equivalent training is adequate. If you want to be more competent, you have to understand about trigonometry and algebra. However, you have to go to college or vocational training.


Another career opportunity for you is working in telecommunication industry such as providers of telephone, internet services, and television. However, you have gain more knowledge and experience on fiber optic cable. The working conditions for telecommunication employees may be varied. It depends on the job location such as a busy office and a call center. You can also possibly work outdoor. The wage for this career also depends on the level of education, the responsibility you handle and the experience.…

Caution – Are Those Free Online Assessments Really Free?

Caution – Are Those Free Online Assessments Really Free?

There are a number of online resources promising free career assessments. With unemployment rates approaching 10.5%, there are a lot of people in transition and looking for resources. One “bait-and-switch” tactic is to offer free assessments to the unsuspecting public. What the candidate discovers after investing 20 or 30 minutes completing the online test is that the “free” report that comes with the “free” assessment is worthless. Of course you will have an opportunity to purchase the rest of the report.

We have received offers from test publishers to link to their assessments and offer their tools to our clients at no charge. We are not interested in using bait-and-switch tactics with our clients, so we have declined. An old adage applies here and has a great deal of truth to it: “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

Many assessments on the market can be very costly, so it is tempting to go for the “free” offers. What is the best approach for someone who is seeking career assessment? There is another adage that rings true, and that is there is no substitute for hard work. The very best assessments are the ones that require brainstorming and soul searching on the part of the candidate. That cannot be accomplished by standardized one-size-fits-all tests. Certainly there are personality assessments and job interest inventories available that can offer insights, but we have found the best exercises for helping individuals chart a course for their careers are unique and specific to the person. Rather than standardized format, they offer a road map if you will to help guide thinking and draw out personal insights. Two in particular that we use are the “Forty Year Vision” and “The Seven Stories” exercise. These are both published by The Five O’Clock Club, a research based strategic job search organization.

If you are working with a career coach, you should have the option of completing assessments as little or as much on your own as you desire. You should be able to retain their help on an as-needed basis. This will help keep costs down while ensuring the best value of your assessment. Find out up front what type of assessments will be used and what cost will be passed on to you.…

Online OSHA Training In Perspective

Online OSHA Training In Perspective

The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was created under the US Department of Labor in 1970. The objective of this new government body was to provide measures which would prevent work related illnesses, injuries and other occupational fatalities. These measures would be enforced on the concerned businesses requiring them to follow predefined standards for workplace health and safety. Several firms also conduct online OSHA training programs whose course material is designed to best educate the learner about the dangers lurking in their work space.

Choosing the Best Online OSHA Training Course: 10 Hours vs. 30 HoursThe most popular styles of training programs are either 10 or 30 hours long. Here are their differences:1. Obvious difference in the course length.2. The 30 hour program is designed to provide students with an in-depth look at the various hazards and their prevention methods in their workplace. The 10 hour program merely broaches on all these aspects.3. The 10 hour program is designed for regular employees whereas the 30 hour one is fit for managers and supervisors.

Importance of Online OSHA Training Programs The OSHA guidelines are applicable under all working conditions. For instance, following OSHA guidelines in working conditions that require the use of heavy duty equipment and machines will help the employees work more efficiently under strenuous conditions. Once qualified, all employees will have the best knowledge to operate their machinery. This will also help develop a sense of leadership as all of them will have the full knowledge to handle any adverse situation.

By doing this course online, you enjoy the additional advantages of learning from the convenience of your own home, at a time that is suitable for you.

How Does the Online OSHA Training Program Work? To get OSHA certification, you must first clear the level one exam and obtain a temporary OSHA card; using which you can apply for jobs. Eventually, after further processing (within 4 to 10 weeks) you will be awarded your permanent qualification card attested by the Department of Labor. There are several other trainings as well, such as the OSHA 500, which requires one to have a minimum of five years work experience as qualification.

Certification Plus is a reputed online training center that can help you achieve the OSHA certification without actually attending any classes. Their course materials comprise the key elements that are essential for clearing the toughest examinations. For further details on their courses, visit …

Bright Career Prospects With Yoga Teacher Training

Bright Career Prospects With Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Certification programs conducted in European countries have gained a momentum in the last decade. As increasing number of people are now heading to Yoga for numerous health benefits the demands of certified Yoga instructors is growing tremendously.

Yoga is a traditional form of exercise that includes certain postures and movements. Two most important advantages of practicing are prevention of disorders and ailments and maintenance of health and fitness in daily life. Other methods of exercises like gymnastics, athletics, aerobics, games, and various other forms are not as good as Yoga when it comes to the results. Due to all these reasons more and more people are referring to Yoga for treating ailments and living a healthier life. Especially in the western countries, an increasing number of people are joining Yoga classes for achieving healthier mind and body.

The Certification programs conducted at numerous camps are in huge demand across the country. Owing to the increasing demand of certified Yoga teachers and the bright career prospects, Yoga Instructor Certification programs are attended by numerous individuals wanting to learn and teach Yoga. Those who have completed Yoga Teacher Training program can setup a successful career by teaching Yoga to the people. Another advantage of working as a certified Yoga instruction is that while teaching Yoga to the students, one also practices all the postures and stretches himself/herself. Thus you can maintain a healthy lifestyle for yourself while sharing the benefits of Yoga with others and earning money in the process.

After attending a certified Teacher Training program you can start your career as a Yoga teacher. All you need to do is rent a studio, inform people about your yoga classes by advertising, and start taking classes. If you can’t find a place to rent, you can approach the high profile clients, who prefer to take classes at their own place. This way you can also save the investment that is required to rent a studio and continue teaching Yoga without actually investing a penny from your pockets. There are several such high-end clients who would love to learn Yoga from someone with Yoga Instructor Certification. You can approach your friends and family to refer you name to their colleagues and friends and kick-start you career.

If this article has inspired you and you have decided to join a Yoga Certification program from a reliable and genuine source then you can refer to . The website is a complete Yoga information Bank that also conducts Yoga Teacher Certification programs. Besides this, it also offers holiday packages in Yoga retreats, and provides Yoga products like neti pot, mala beads and enema equipment, etc.…

Get a Search Engine Optimization Certification to Increase Backlinks

Get a Search Engine Optimization Certification to Increase Backlinks

When you get your search engine optimization certification, you will be able to make all of the backlinks that you need to for your website. There are a number of ways to increase backlinks. Most of them work, that is, if put to good use. That’s why it’s important to learn the basics and upgrade that knowledge to mastery before starting a link building campaign.

For most people, especially the busy ones, link building campaign can be tedious and tiresome. The main drawback of this practice is that you could be losing a large portion of your time rather than concentrate on your service or product.

You can use your search engine optimization certification to develop many link building strategies. If you’re eying slow link building strategies, despite the fact that it’s time consuming, you can start by familiarizing yourself with social bookmarking sites. These sites allow you to advertise your articles for free. If your articles are good enough to get noticed, you’ll surely be getting relevant traffic.

Apart from social bookmarking, commenting on blogs is another way to harvest backlinks, and your search engine optimization certification will help you to find the very best ones to use. There are thousands of blogs that you can relate to and topics that you can comment on. Make sure to maintain the quality of your comments. Refrain from making unnecessary site promotion.

Article distributions can also help you promote your website. You can increase your backlinks by writing or hiring someone to hire quality content that will link to your web page.

While these are proven ways of increasing your backlinks, you can save a significant portion of your time if you let professional link building services do the job for you while you remain focused on your products and services. Just make sure that you use all of the resources you need to get yourself the best services out there.…