ECSA and LPT Certifications by the EC-Council – An Evaluation

ECSA and LPT Certifications by the EC-Council – An Evaluation

EC-Council offers a wide range of information security courses. EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) and Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT) certification program is one of the most advanced ethical hacking certification programs offered by the EC-Council. The EC-Council Certified Security Analyst training compliments the most basic Certified Ethical Hacker training program and is based on the analytical process of ethical hacking.

The major difference in the basic CEHv7 training and ECSA certification program is that CEHv7 certification is mainly to make the candidates learn about the tools and technologies used, whereas ECSA certification program focuses on analyzing what the outcomes of these tools are.

EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) and Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT) certification and training program is of highly sensitive nature. It is important for IT professionals to get enrolled with the licensed training centers, known as ATC’s (Accredited Training Center), to get authentic and reliable trainings from CEI’s (Certified EC-Council Instructor).

The main purpose of the ECSA training and certification holders is to identify security risks to a network infrastructure or system and mitigate these risks so as to keep the data security intact. Attaining EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) and Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT) certification ensures that you have achieved a high quality, renowned and well recognized IT certification that assists IT professionals to work on security architectures of several types, performing various job roles.

EC-Council Certified Security Analyst certification is one of the certifications that is approved by ANSI. It is an authoritative body that gives formal recognition to a body or a person and justifies their credibility to carry out specific tasks. Some other competing certifications are not licensed by ANSI and carry lesser value. One should always stick to the ANSI approved certifications like the ECSA certification.

Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT) training contains advanced course content, covering most advanced penetration and security based intense assignments and best practices. One must obtain ECSA exam before enrolling for Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT) certification.

The content for both ECSA and LPT certification curriculum are developed and designed by top notch learned people of the industry. Several modules and topics are taught that includes basics such as need for security analysis and War Dialing, advanced wireless testing, Advanced Sniffing techniques, log and snort analysis and advanced exploits and tools. The penetration testing includes pre-penetration testing checklists, database, log management, VoIP, VPN, broadband, Bluetooth/hand held and physical security penetration testing.

ECSA and LPT certifications are not only extensive but reliable. In recent times, it has emerged as one of the elite certifications in the information security field, hitting the popularity levels that CEHv7 certification already has. With the increase global hacker attacks the demand of ECSA and Licensed Penetration Tester certification holders are sure to rise.…

Mental Health Continuing Education: Going Beyond the Degree

Mental Health Continuing Education: Going Beyond the Degree

A wise man once noted that any field worth studying was one where the knowledge was continually changing. Nowhere does this description match more perfectly than the field of mental health. Continuing education in the field is not only necessary in terms of earning licensing credits, it is the only way to have any understanding of the subject at all. Learning at the feet of giants such as Freud will give each student a foundation that is invaluable. But when it comes to furthering their own practice and digging deeper into the science, there is no substitute for keeping up with the changing field on a year to year basis.

Of course, our collective understanding of the field is in its infancy, really. What you learn in mental health continuing education classes today may be tossed on the junk pile of discredited theories tomorrow. For some, this is an excuse to stay somewhat behind the times. Let the science work itself out and come back when they have something definitive to hand out. Unfortunately, anyone who takes this position should have turned around and walked the other way before their first psychology class. Theorists are still refining and discarding science from the very first psychologists in the field. Theories change at too rapid a pace to wait and see.

Besides, anyone involved with psychology and psychiatry should be an experimental researcher at heart. What works for most people will never work for everyone. This is why a psychologist with even the best proven system will find himself having to switch things up when it comes to that one particularly difficult patient. Education gives you that toolbox you can use when your usual bag of tricks isn’t getting the job done. By watching others and seeing what works in other situations, you can expand your understanding of the field and treat patients with more efficiency.

For institutions both public and private, providing staff with academic opportunities is one of the most important aspects of building a great place for patients. When possible, this means paying for those classes. When not possible, it means posting the opportunities and letting employees know how important it is that they take advantage of them. Many states require these credits for continued licensing. If you are involved in the field, make sure you’re aware of your own state’s requirements so you don’t wind up short when it comes time to renew for the following year.…

Keys to a Successful Sales Presentation

Keys to a Successful Sales Presentation

Everyone has to make a sales presentation at one point in their life. Whether it’s for a class presentation, a job interview, or trying to sell a product or service almost everyone will have to present to a live audience. Obviously, it is very important to be a good public speaker. Whether you are trying to get a good grade in a class, get a new job, or make a sale; you only get one shot to impress your audience. In this article we are going to discuss some of the key characteristics of a successful sales presentation.

One of the first things we will discuss is to make sure you know your audience. It is very important to know who you are presenting in front of. You can tailor your message accordingly depending on your audience. Are you presenting in front of a class of students or a panel of directors to try and get a job? The content of your presentation should be altered accordingly.

Once you know who you are presenting in front of you should decide if you need to create a PowerPoint presentation to go along with your presentation. In most situations a PowerPoint can help you gain the attention of your audience and keep them focused on your slides. They are very professional tools and used in most sales presentations. Of course, you probably would not create a PowerPoint when applying for a new job.

Now, let’s talk about the actual presentation itself. First, make sure you are dressed professionally and come prepared. Make sure you have your index cards in hand and your PowerPoint presentation ready. You want to speak slowly and clearly so everyone can hear you. If you have anything to pass out to your audience do it at the end so they aren’t focused on it while you are presenting. Your content should be well structured including a beginning, middle, and end. If you are selling a product or service make sure to ask for the sale. Always allow time at the end of the presentation for the audience to ask questions.

As you can see there are many factors to consider when giving a sales presentation. Be professional, know your audience, and use a PowerPoint in most circumstances. Make sure your content is relevant to your topic and your audience. Keep in mind how long your presentation is and try to stay within a 15 minute timeframe. Most importantly, ask for the sale and make sure to leave enough time at the end for a question and answer session.…

CCNP Wireless Training Program – Reach the Pinnacle of Success

CCNP Wireless Training Program – Reach the Pinnacle of Success

Cisco, to equip CCNA certified professionals with higher credentials in wireless technology, developed and established a credential popularly known as CCNP Wireless Certification. This credential is required to address the need of IT professionals for designing, implementing and operating Cisco networks and mobility infrastructures. Like other globally recognized Cisco certifications, this Cisco certification is also preferred among the technology geeks and organizations.

With special emphasis on the wireless networking principles and theories, CCNP training and certification recognizes and validates the expertise and skills of wireless professionals. These professionals in turn assess and translate network business needs into technical particulars, which in a manner incorporate it into successful installations.

Pre-requisites to attain CCNP Training and Certification program

This Cisco Wireless training and certification is a high level certification offered to only few expert professionals. The basic requirement to pursue this credential is a valid CCNA Certification or any CCIE Certification.

CCNP training course – its benefits

CCNP training and certification realizes and recognizes the critical importance of professionals who support and manage Cisco wireless LANs and networks. It is essentially driven by the need for professionals’ responsibility for the design, implementation, security and operation of wireless networks and mobility infrastructure.

How the CCNP Wireless Certification is beneficial to Professionals?

As a professional, already certified in CCNA wireless technology, this credential recognizes and validates your professional-level wireless design expertise. Besides, demonstrating your ability to configure, implement and manage all aspects of Cisco Wireless LANs, it prepares IT professionals’ interests in pursuing a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Wireless certification

Different methodologies to pursue CCNP bootcamp training and certification:

There are various ways to pursue CCNP training and certification credential, according to one’s need, requirement and convenience. There are different methodologies to follow the path of attaining this credential. The numbers of methods include:

• Cisco CCNP Wireless Boot Camp

• CCNA Security Classroom training

• Cisco CCNP online Training

CCNP Wireless bootcamp training is one of the appropriate ways to attain the CCNA Wireless credential, as IT bootcamps are the aptly strategic and immensely organized method to impart quality IT trainings and certifications. With appropriately focused sessions and curriculum and distanced from external interferences, the participants gain the skills even quickly than in traditional classes. The success rate of exam certification is also more in IT bootcamps trainings.

Audience Profile

CCNP Wireless training course is intended for the following audience:

• Mid-level Wireless Support Engineer

• Wireless Network Engineer

• Wireless Test Engineer

• Wireless Network Designer…

Hire the Best Movers to Avoid Any Hassles

Hire the Best Movers to Avoid Any Hassles

Whether it is home or office, moving it from one place to another is a nerve wrecking job. Modern activity of different companies and organizations is also impossible without having a proper cooperation with moving and transport companies. Moving is actually a procedure that can bring along a number of unwilling issues making you stressful and tense. For different organizations, qualitative and on-time cargo delivery is also one of the most popular factors that influence the development and stability of the organization. In this case, a company that pledges to deliver goods with assurance and calmness that too in proper condition would be something that everyone would look forward to.

People’s interest in moving and transportation companies is increasing day by day. The idea is looking for a full-service moving company that can offer professional packing, storage and moving for commercial, residential, institutional and corporate clients. Services in the field of moving and transportation are not restricted only to cargoes. The services extend to preparing all kinds of documents needed for international transportation. Proper invoices, customized declarations, consignment notes and certificates of conformity ensure quality delivery. Companies such as Consolidated Moving & Storage Ltd. take care of all the needs relating to moving and transportation.

Toronto is anyways a large country and a large number of moving companies offer a wide range of relocation services from and in Toronto. The idea is choosing the best and the most cost-effective service that offers hassle free and quality moving and packaging services. Toronto moving services offer air cargo service, sea cargo service, international logistics, freight forbidding, warehousing and storage facility, cargo warehousing, insurance coverage services, international and domestic career services and parcel services.

The city of Toronto contains a number of reputed moving agencies that offers customers and clients with reliable, quality and economical services. A moving service should be able to provide you important tips that will help you relocate in a simpler and easier way. The companies should also include service such as planning your budget for moving, choosing the correct moving vehicle, careful unpacking of goods, warehousing and storage facility, escorted transport assistance etc. A good moving company will just pick up the goods from the doorstep and transfer it safely to your next destination back to within the specified time.…

3 Benefits of Massage

Getting a massage is very relaxing and can have physical and mental health benefits as well. Whether you are going for a full body massage course Atlanta or another style of massage, here are three benefits you can gain from a massage.  

1. Relief From Stress and Anxiety

With most massage studios set in a calming and quiet atmosphere, stress relief is one of the most common reasons for getting a massage. Massage therapy aids in the production of endorphins, which helps to reduce heart rate, cortisol levels and blood pressure. The result of these physiological changes in the body is a decline in stress and anxiety in daily life. 

2. Pain Relief

Massage therapy is a great way to help relieve muscle and joint pain. Especially suited for those with arthritis and other chronic conditions, massage improves blood circulation and range of motion throughout the body. Different types of massage help with pain in various ways. For example, deep tissue massage focuses on knots and tension deep within the muscles, while Swedish massage aims to relax the body as a whole by using rolling and long, sweeping strokes on the body. Massage also greatly assists with back pain by reducing the effects of knots and trigger points in the back and areas surrounding the back. 

3. Fatigue Reduction

Massage can be very useful in helping manage chronic fatigue by promoting relaxation of the nerves and muscles. In addition, the muscle pressure involved in a massage encourages better sleep because it slows down the nervous system in the body. A reduction in tension throughout the body allows for a better night’s sleep, which will definitely lead to feeling less fatigued during the day. 

Whether you are going for a spa day or a quick massage, be on the lookout for these positive changes in your physical and mental well-being. …

Property and Casualty Insurance

Property and Casualty Insurance

In reality, California insurance professionals and agents have a lot to do with the projection of a certain image toward the public. Mainly because the insurance professional initiates contact with a prospect, determines the prospect’s need for insurance, recommends and then implements the proposed plan. The first impression is always the most lasting. Coupled with the opportunity for a long-lasting relationship with the client, the first impression becomes that much more critical.

The California agent represents an industry that is loaded with technical information. Public perception will be severely hampered by unethical agents. The insurance professional has two basic ethical responsibilities to the public:

* To inform the public about insurance with the utmost, highest level of professional integrity; and

* To strive for the highest level of professionalism in all public contacts in order to create and maintain a strong positive image of the industry.

We will focus on the above responsibilities and look at some of ethical practices, which have tarnished the industry. We will also discuss property and casualty insurance, and the manner in which it is marketed to the public.

California Property and Casualty Insurance Coverage

California Property and casualty insurance is usually classified by several major lines: fire and allied lines, marine, casualty, multiple line insurance and fidelity and surety bonds. California Property insurance, such as fire or homeowners policies, covers the loss or damage to real estate or personal property from fire, lighting or other covered perils. California Marine insurance (also called transportation insurance) covers goods in transit against pure risks related to transportation, whether those goods are shipped over land (inland marine) or water (ocean marine).

A broad field of insurance called casualty insurance encompasses almost everything not covered by fire or marine insurance: automobile insurance, general liability, burglary and theft, worker’s compensation, glass coverage and other miscellaneous lines

The California agent may also sell multiple-line or package policies that combine property and liability coverages. Finally, an agent may sell fidelity and surety bonds that provide the insured with protection against losses caused by the dishonest or fraudulent acts of employees or that provide monetary compensation in the case of a bonded person’s inability to perform certain acts, such as the completion of the construction of a building.…