3 Reasons To Print Your Self-Published Book
3 Reasons To Print Your Self-Published Book

3 Reasons To Print Your Self-Published Book

Self-published authors are growing in numbers as technology continues to open up options and simplify the book publishing process. For instance, the advancement of e-books gives authors a little or no cost way of publishing their books and distributing them worldwide. While many self-publishers, such as MSW Publishing, rely on e-book publishing, they have also discovered the benefits of physically printing copies of their books.

Here are three reasons you should print copies of your book.

1. Establish Legitimacy

Though e-books are becoming more popular, print books remain the industry standard. Some people in the publishing industry still do not take e-books seriously. Even some book buyers assume that a book that is only available digitally may not have been good enough to warrant a print run. These attitudes are starting to change, but you can make yourself look like a serious author by printing your book. As an author, holding a physical copy of your book gives you a proud feeling and affirms your role as a real author.

2. Maximize Potential Readership

Print books still outsell e-books. Having print books allows you to reach readers who are more likely to buy physical books, get your book into libraries, distribute your book in bookstores, participate in book readings and signing events, and offer book promotions and giveaways. By publishing both e-books and print books, you can capture a much wider reading audience.

3. Take Advantage of Publicity Opportunities

Many book reviewers, editors, bloggers, critics, and media outlets will cover and review print books only. They feel that with the ease of publishing e-books, anyone can do it. Serious authors, they say, will care enough about their work to publish a professionally printed book. There are still a lot of book blogs and review sites that write about e-books.

Most likely you’ve put a lot of time and work into writing your book. It deserves the full recognition that both e-book and print book publishing will give it.