4 Soothing Ways To Comfort Yourself

Whether you’re going through a big change or simply want to slow down a bit, it’s helpful to know how to comfort yourself. Modern life is fast-paced and intense. While there are countless ways to get away and calm yourself down, consider the following soothing ideas. Each of them will help you feel encouraged and reassured.

1. Read

Books are a time-honored comfort. Find the type of books that suit you now; what made you feel better a few years ago might be different in this season of life. If you’re wanting to feel more connected to how others have overcome hard times, reach for a memoir. Not sure where to look? Do a search using terms such as memoirs about childhood trauma to find useful suggestions.

2. Walk

Get out into nature if you can. Walking in a beautiful natural setting is one of the most powerful ways to ground and comfort yourself. Pick a pace that works for today; you might be feeling different than you did yesterday.

3. Befriend

Keep it simple. Find a person or an animal to simply be present with. You don’t have to accomplish anything together unless you want to. In this pressure-free environment, you’ll notice your breathing and heart rate slowing down as you sink into a relaxed state. Companionship is comforting.

4. Savor

Slow down enough to savor your environment. Use all five of your senses to get yourself into the present moment and out of the bind of stressful thinking. It can be especially enjoyable to do this when you’re eating. Try taking smaller bites, chewing slowly, and thoroughly enjoying the flavor and texture of each dish.

Comforting yourself involves self-awareness and the willingness to slow down and try something new. Consider these ideas to feel calmer and more connected.