Affiliate Profit Mentor Advice – Are You Just Starting With Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Profit Mentor Advice – Are You Just Starting With Affiliate Marketing?

More and more people will start a new affiliate marketing career this year. I’ve mentored many beginners and intermediate affiliates, and I can tell you that it’s amazing to see that most of my clients are not satisfied with their current life even.

What’s even more amazing is that for the majority, they already have a day job, but they don’t like it because it keeps them away from their family and doing what they really love. It’s the same reason why I started online in early 2006.

If you intend to start with affiliate marketing, let me give you a couple of tips that will make your online business better.

Tip #1. When you get started, just promote a single product in a profitable niche.

The first thing you need to understand is that the secret behind affiliate marketing success is promoting the right products to the right people. When I first started, I didn’t know this, but choosing the wrong affiliate product can be the difference between earning $50 per month and earning $4000 per month.

You want to make sure that you research and find the right market for your online business. And after you found the market, make sure that you choose one of the best affiliate products.

What is the best affiliate product?

The best affiliate product in your market have two criteria. In fact, there are several other criteria, but these two are so important that if you had only these, you should make a lot of money.

The first criteria is that it’s a product that people want.

The second criteria is that the merchant is an expert in his niche and always test his marketing material for higher conversions.

Tip #2. You also want to make sure that the merchant have a powerful affiliate management system in place that properly track your sales. Most of those programs work with cookies and some of them even track your visitors’ IP address.

If you have a high converting program and and your sales are tracked and not lost in the cyberspace, you should be ready to earn a lot of affiliate commissions.