Can a Call Center Benefit From Six Sigma Certification?

Can a Call Center Benefit From Six Sigma Certification?

Call centers are all about satisfaction of the customer. They are usually packed with employees answering phone calls or working steadily at a computer through customer chat sessions. When you send employees for Six Sigma Certification, the employees will learn about ways to understand exactly what the needs of the customer are. This will help them better serve the customer, and to be clear if they are providing the satisfaction required to maintain a good relationship with the customer. Six Sigma green belt training is a great opportunity to better the skills of employees so they have a good understanding of the customer.

Improving processes can always be done in a call center. Lean Six Sigma offers courses to help people understand how to improve some of the processes done on a daily basis in a call center. Most employees have a process they must follow when they answer the phone and speak to a customer. When an employee obtains a lean Six Sigma certification they learn how to automate or speed up processes by eliminating unnecessary steps that might slow down their work day. When processes in a call center are improved the employees can take more calls and leave less customers waiting on hold for someone to answer the phone.

Use of space is almost always an issue with call centers. It is common to see cubicles stacked upon each other with employees seated at each one. Most call centers are open 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. The problem is that there still may not be enough people there to answer the phones. It is common for companies to still see dropped calls because of the long wait time. If only you had more space to bring in more employees. Six Sigma training can teach you how to make the most use of the space you are limited with. You will learn the best way to effectively setup workspaces for employees so you can have the space you need and the amount of staff you need to hire.

Call centers can benefit in many ways from sending staff members to a Six Sigma Certification program. Space is always an issue but it can be improved by a better layout. Your staff will learn about how to understand the needs of the customers, improving processes with calls, and how to eliminate wasteful use of space.