CNA Certification
CNA Certification

CNA Certification

CNA Certification

Employment Conditions

During the first 30 days of your stay in the U.S., the company defines you to work under an employment contract signed by you.

Wage rate

Wage rate for nurses varies from state to state year after year. In this case, a registered nurse salary is not less than 42,000 dollars a year ($ 21 per hour).

The maximum earnings could reach 70 000 dollars in the first year of the contract by working off hours, weekends and holidays. Rating of each such hour is stipulated in the contract between employer and nurse. Questions about increase in wages will be specified separately in the contract between nurse and her employer.

Paid leave and compensatory time off / weekends

At the end of a 90-day trial period, nurses working full-time earn 1.25 days per month of paid leave, which is 15 (fifteen) days of paid vacation per calendar year. Paid vacation days cannot be transferred to the next year or exchanged for a refund. These conditions apply only to the first year of work in the United States. Typically, since the second year there will be additional benefits.

Insurance coverage

According to the Labor Agreement and U.S. law, the employer provides its employees who work full-time medical insurance, life insurance and social insurance.

Number of patients

Most patients of different types of health facilities are provided with personal or double rooms with bathroom and toilet in each room. Nurses in general hospital wards usually serve 5-8 patients, while in intensive care, resuscitation and emergency medical care ratio of nurses and patients is usually 1:1

Medical organizations in the U.S. are investing heavily to introduce the most advanced technology of patient care, up to wireless equipment for remote cardiac monitoring and remote robotic surgical techniques. Such technological advances can be seen not only in major clinics with higher medical educational institutions, but also many hospitals.