Essential Dog Training Tools

Essential Dog Training Tools

With so many different dog training tools on the market sometimes it is hard to know what to buy to help train your beloved pets. It is easy to get lost on the hundreds of links and different items you need or want for you dog. Below are some essential tools that will make life helpful as you start to training your dog. Here I go over three items I believe will help and I cover why.

The first dog training tool that we will look at is a dog collar and a leash. When you get a dog, in many states, you have to register you animal and they usually give you a name tag. The tag provides a great way of identifying your dog and you as the owner in case your dog runs off and goes missing. You will need a strong collar to put the tag on and when walking your dog you will need a leash. In my state we have a lease law and you have to keep your pets on a leash at all times. Having a leash makes it much easier to keep you dog from running wild and in control. Many of the training books will use the leash and collar in different training settings.

The second item I want to go over is a dog house or dog kennel. Just like us our dogs need a sense of home. A place to call their own, a small place they can go to. Another and more important reason to buy a dog crate is for transporting our pet around. It is absolutely important to keep our dog safe and to make sure it does not harm others when we are moving about in our vehicles or other means of transportation. For airplanes you should call your local airport and find out what type of crate they recommend. When training your dog it will be a good place to send him when guest come over or need your pup in a safe place.

The last piece of equipment I want to cover is dog toys. Dog toys are very useful in dog training because it helps keep the attention our pet as we go through training. Another good reason is to teach or pet to play with the toy and not our belongings. I have had dogs bite and chew on just about everything inside the house. Outside too, they might even dig houses because they have nothing else to play with. I would recommend finding a toy that will suit the size of your dog. Dog toys come in all shapes and sizes and you will have to test which one works best for you pet.