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Hot Trends in Sonography


Hot Trends in Sonography

There are many hot trends in sonography that are changing the way medical professionals diagnose illnesses, care for pregnant mothers and fetuses and treat various medical conditions. One of the hot trends in sonography at the moment is three-dimensional real time echocardiography, which is a technique for creating images of the heart combining traditional ultrasound techniques with 3D technology. If you are considering a career in the burgeoning field of sonography, echocardiography would be an excellent choice for your future career.

There are a number of reasons why echocardiography is a hot trend in the medical career market. With a steady increase in the need for professional echo-cardiographers over the last few years, an excellent salary potential has increased as well, and a number of benefits come with the job, making the job market for well-trained echo-cardiographers better than ever. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a faster than average increase in cardiac imaging jobs for many years to come.

If you are interested in becoming an echo-cardiographer, you will need to complete an accredited community college degree program in cardiovascular technology, which will take about two years. It is imperative that you make sure the program is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Cardiovascular Technology. If you do not attend an accredited program, you will not be able to sit for the Registry Exam, which is required by employers. Taking courses in medical terminology will also be helpful during your program, and you will also want to gain experience as an EKG Tech if you are able to do so. Since you will only need to complete a one-year certificate program and 8-16 weeks of on-the-job training to be an EKG Tech, it’s a great way to get experience and make contacts with employers for your future career as an echo-cardiographer. Then, after passing the Registry Exam and registering with the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers or Cardiovascular Credentialing International as a professional cardiovascular technologist, you can begin applying for jobs.

There is a continuing upward trend for echocardiography job opportunities in the United States. Now is a great time to enter this rewarding medical profession.A�