How Do I Create A Six-Figure Career?
How Do I Create A Six-Figure Career?

How Do I Create A Six-Figure Career?

How Do I Create A Six-Figure Career?

Ever since I had to make it on my own, which for me, was 2007, I decided I wanted to earn six figures.

So, I’ve read many books on prosperity to learn all I can on the topic of creating a six figure income… and prosperity in general.

One of the topics I’ve seen in every single book I’ve read on prosperity is affirmations.

Affirmations are a powerful wealth building tool. All affirmations are… are statements said to get your mind to do or not do what is necessary to get your desired result.

Another topic I’ve seen in a few of the prosperity and six-figure wealth building books is: planning. When you write up a plan, even if it’s a simple one page plan, you set things in motion.

Making lists are another way to set things in motion in wealth building, or in this case, career design.

Make a list of everything you’d like to have in your career, including the exact amount of money you want to earn. Be sure to write down what you want to earn hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. You may end up charging or being paid by the job, but for now, include all the details you can about what kind of career and what kind of income you want. For now, don’t worry about the ‘reality’ of your work and income desires.

Post that list where you’ll see it often and be sure to take a minute a day and look over that list.

Use that list as your measuring tool to measure careers up against. Do some thorough research. Be sure to only consider jobs or careers that you know you’d enjoy. Never choose a career based on the income alone. You will regret it, trust me. There is always a way to combine your income desire and your career desire.

Make a decision on a career that fits your prerequisites. Now, write your career goal or goals out. You should have one main goal, and some sub-goals that will get you to your final goal.

Keep your goals posted near that list you made and look at your goals every day. Do not give up on your goals when setbacks occur. If you want success, you must keep at it until you reach your original goal. Do not change your goals to something easier when you encounter an obstacle. Remind yourself often that you can do it.

What does it take? All you’ve got. And yes, it’s worth it.