How Do Schools Protect Students From a Mass Shooting?
How Do Schools Protect Students From a Mass Shooting?

How Do Schools Protect Students From a Mass Shooting?

In the past two decades, school shootings have become a concern for many parents. After all, educational institutions house hundreds, sometimes thousands of students. It’s a place that should inspire and welcome, not represent a threat; however, in light of current events, administrators and school districts must consider more than traditional lessons. They must also focus on methods that save and protect lives. To do just that, many places have instituted several of the following policies.

1. Background Checks

Many areas now require all visitors, employees and volunteers to complete background checks before walking on the premises. The hope is to detect anyone who may have inappropriate priors, preventing those with criminal pasts from entering the campus.

2. On-Campus Security

Teachers and principals sometimes undergo security training; however, they are not experts at how to notice unusual activity. Several districts now have a school resource officer on the property full-time. These professionals can continually assess any threats that may occur, quickly connecting with the authorities and seeking assistance when needed.

3. Identification Badges

High schools may insist pupils wear ID badges throughout the day. This visible sign helps adults on campus quickly observe if anyone is out of place.

4. Limit Entrances

Institutions should have eyes on the entrances and exits, able to easily spot unwanted trespassers or anyone aggressively breaking into the building. Minimizing these locations means it could be simpler to monitor and thwart any trouble.

5. Encourage Communication

Often word spreads of attacks before they happen. In the past, students may have overlooked these early indicators, thinking that the action was not going to occur. Guidance counselors discuss the significance of reporting concerns and possible issues as soon as possible. Several current programs are anonymous, allowing teenagers to open up about their worries.

Unfortunately, today’s generation must consider how to handle an on-campus shooter. Those in charge understand the possibility and work hard to safeguard the children to the best of their abilities.