How To Double The Amount You Charge For Every Copywriting Project You Take On

How To Double The Amount You Charge For Every Copywriting Project You Take On

Are you a copywriter who wants to double your income?

And do you want to double your income without getting any new clients or doubling the hours you have to work?

It’s more than possible to double (or at least significantly boost) your income from your existing client base. Let me explain how.

It’s really quite simple. You expand the scope of every project that you take on. Let’s take an in-depth look at how to do that by looking at some common projects that you may be asked to take on.

Say for example that the client wants you to write a sales page for the launch of a new product. Ask to write the emails for the campaign as well. If you know about SEO then suggest that you write the PPC ads as well.

Let’s take another example. Let’s say that you are hired to write a direct mail sales letter. Then ask the client if you can write their web sales copy as well. Throw in an autoresponder email series as well and you’ve effectively doubled the fee without much additional work.

Think about it. All the research and background work is already done for you. Unlike a new project where you have to start from scratch researching your target market, the product etc. everything is done only once. This cuts down dramatically on the time that you’ll have to spend on these spin-off projects.

With each project that you take on, look for ways that you can expand on it with the writing and marketing skills that you have.

In order to make this strategy work, you can’t be a one trick pony. You need to be able to write a wide variety of content and you need to be able to do it well.

It would also be to your advantage to know a bit about Internet marketing best practices so that you can act as a trusted advisor to your client.

Smart, savvy copywriters know how to write emails, Pay per Click (PPC) Ads, landing pages, articles, press releases, ezine ads and more. They also know a bit about Internet marketing and know how to write content optimized for the search engines.

Another great way to add an additional income stream to your copywriting is to add social media marketing to your repertoire. More and more companies are eager to establish a strong social media presence and if you can provide this service to your client, so much the better.

All of these additional writing tasks require a small investment of time and a slight learning curve. You could easily add a new skill or two each month until you have a nice, diverse portfolio of skills. And these skills will easily and effortlessly translate into a much larger income at the end of the month.