How to Speed Through Your Work Week

How to Speed Through Your Work Week

Most of us know what it feels like to spend the entire week counting down the days until the weekend. Most of us also know what it feels like when it seems like it’s taking an eternity for a week to be done with. But do the weekdays really have to be so treacherous? Aren’t there ways to speed things along? Of course there are. Below are a few key tips to move your work week from the slow zone to the fast lane.

Get a Job You Like

The average person spends half of their waking life working. So, if you don’t like your job, odds are you’re not really going to like your life either. A huge reason why many people find it unbearable to get through the week is because they don’t enjoy how they’re spending their time. Finding a job you like (let alone love) isn’t easy, especially in our current economic downfall, but that isn’t a reason to stop hunting for one.

If you truly detest your job, then begin looking for a new one. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to quit your present job, but you can at least stick your nose in the market to get a whiff of what is out there. If you keep at it, eventually something will bite, and you will find yourself job where not only will you be able to do something you are good at, but that you also enjoy. Guaranteed once this happens, your work week will fly right by.

Don’t Eat Lunch at Your Desk

Whether you work at a desk in an office, or you have a job that needs you to constantly be on the go, do yourself a favor and be sure to step away from it all when you sit down to have lunch. If you don’t take a proper lunch, you’ll eventually feel overworked and stressed, which isn’t good for you, your employer, or the quality of your work.

A strained work environment is what makes the week seem like an eternity, so give yourself a break (literally) and ease up the workday by taking at least twenty minutes to sit without any work in front of you. The uninterrupted down time you allow yourself will be a lot more productive than plowing away at work while your sandwich falls apart on your lap.A�

Do Some Non-Work Work

I’ll admit that after a long day at work, all any of us want to do is relax. But if work is the only place where you really set your brain power into gear, then your brain won’t be stimulated anymore, which means you’ll be bored, thereby making the week seem like it’s dragging on and on and on.

What you want to aim for is balance, and to spread your time and energy over a few things rather than just one. So, instead of spending your evenings being deadweight on the couch, it’d probably be better to do something that will actually get your mind rolling.

This can be as easy as taking up a class on a subject that interests you. Most continuing education colleges allow students to take on courses one at a time, so you can have as light or as heavy of a workload as you see fit. And don’t use the whole “I don’t have time,” excuse. Distance education courses give you the freedom to complete courses online and according to your own watch. Online learning is the new black, and with topics from Criminal Psychology to Photoshop, there are enough courses options to keep your brain busy for quite a while.