How to Write a Pitch for Job Seekers?

Are you a fresh graduate looking for a job? You must be confused about how to make good pitch. Well, maybe you’ve heard of elevator pitch. Apparently, this is not only needed by start-up but also companies that hire new employees. Don’t be afraid in learning how to write a pitch because this what will bring you to a business world. You still can learn and practice it by yourself. There will be some advice how to write a good one below to follow.

Tell Who You Are

Just like when you make a biography, the introduction is necessary. Here you need to convey who you really are. No need in long and complicated sentences. Writing it in one sentence is enough. This is because too long explanation will make the pitch itself less attractive. Straight to the point about who you are and your goals. Remember that this is a medium for you to get a job. If you make an unclear writing, your chances will also unclear too.

Good Impression is Important

Besides telling who you are, you also need to give good impression. This is the second step how to write a pitch.  This is not just about how you present it. This is even more difficult because you have to be on target. There are many things you should pay attention to including the use of language. Make sure if you make a good impression when pitching. You can maximize it by using calm but focused body language. This is because when you look depressed, you will be suspected by the interviewer. He will even give you more difficult questions. So, what you should do is stay calm and focus.

Explain Your Plus Value

Explaining your plus value becomes the next step how to write a pitch. As we know, there are many and even thousands of applicants. This makes no sense if you are accepted without something better than others. Therefore, you need to convey the plus value of yourself. Whether it’s ability or skill, it really needs to be told. Maybe you have a certificate from local or international Olympic. Same as when you are telling who you are, this also should not be written excessively. One to two sentences are enough to explain your plus value.

Set Up Plan B

If we previously focused on writing, now is the time to move to when you present yourself. As we don’t know what will happen in this stage, we need to set up plan B. This is an important addition that you should prepare as job seekers. You should explain what steps you will do for the company. In addition, describe about your certification does it helpful for the company. If you convey it calmly and smoothly, the company will also be confident with your quality. No need to be afraid of questions that might make you nervous. You can practice how to answer a question and what gestures are safe when pitching. Prepare yourself from now on.