Is Misemployment Making Your Life Miserable?
Is Misemployment Making Your Life Miserable?

Is Misemployment Making Your Life Miserable?

Is Misemployment Making Your Life Miserable?

Consider this: a full two-thirds of our time is spent at work each day, but as many as 9 out of 10 of full-time workers are employed in the wrong jobs. Sometimes they just can’t seem to find the right fit for their abilities, but other times they don’t even know what that perfect fit is. So they find themselves spending the vast majority of their days in a job that leaves them with little to no satisfaction. These professionals typically either hop from job to job, in search of fulfillment but finding only stress and little to no change in their situation, or they get stuck in one dead-end position that leaves them miserable.

And that unhappiness that takes up at least eight hours of each day doesn’t disappear when the clock strikes five p.m., either; it often transfers into their personal lives as well, bringing tension and agony between unhappy professionals and their loved ones. The good news is that there is hope if you feel that your misemployment is making you miserable. An experienced career success coach can help you:

Create a solid, attainable vision of success to work toward

Establish a strong personal brand that can help you quickly reach your career goals

Form stronger, more supportive relationships in both your personal and professional life

Maintain a better work/life balance

Find opportunities for advancement

Move forward in your career

Enjoy your work and have more fun with life

The right career coach can work with you to learn the skills needed to scale the career ladder, including the ability to quickly pick up new skills, adapt to new opportunities, and market yourself as the highly competent, in-demand professional you are!

By using a strong process such as that used by successful “MBA”s, you can Map your outcome, skills, and abilities; Build quality relationships with healthy boundaries; and create an Action plan for success.

The bottom line is that you don’t have to suffer through a miserable career; with the right steps and the help of great career resources, you can identify and take advantage of exciting new growth opportunities that will leave you fulfilled from 9-5 and beyond.