Rich in Common Sense
Rich in Common Sense

Rich in Common Sense

Rich in Common Sense

As we proceed through Life we see that Logic moves to the extremes, life never. Life is a balance between opposites and those in business who are also keen observers of life will know never to move to one opposite against the other.

Even if something appears again and again to be the same for 1000 times don’t conclude it will be the same the next time. Just look at all our attitudes regarding Superannuation, the stock market, the real estate market, our relationships etc, etc.

The mind will conclude but sooner or later we must ourselves without anyone saying so, come to the conclusion that to conclude is dangerous. We cannot love for 24 hours straight nor can we pursue success and money and fame indefinitely.

Just look at Politicians who try to stand too tall above their constituents or a rich man flaunting his wealth or a person bragging about his achievements or the famous people he knows.

Sooner or later they will come to grief.

As Lao Tzu said if you stretch a bow to the very full point you will wish you had stopped in time. Because the bow will break. Stretch a bow to the full — it could have served you for long if you had been a little alert.

If you go on succeeding you are bound to fail. There is a limit to everything. If you go on succeeding, a moment comes suddenly — flop — and everything goes beyond your control. Take everything in measure. If you are succeeding don’t be in a hurry and don’t move to the very end, because after success nothing is left, only failure.

Always take everything in homeopathic doses. Allopathy is good, but allopathic doses are not good. And be alert: are you moving to the very limit of a thing? If you are moving to the very limit you are moving to the opposite in fact.

This might sound negative but it is not and only someone who has had a deep experience of making an incredible amount of money and losing it and making it again can verify its accuracy.

Because the problem is that as we grew up we were told time and time again that we did not try hard enough. THIS IS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE.

A moment comes when fame becomes defame, when success becomes failure. Remember always to remain in the middle. A constant alertness is needed, otherwise the tendency of the mind is to think that when you are succeeding why not succeed a little more?

The mind says: When you are succeeding why not try a little more? And you see that the road is clear and nobody is barring the way — why not try a little more? The mind goes on; mind is obsessive.

Only balance lasts, nothing else, and balance is the most difficult thing in existence, in life, because balance needs tremendous wisdom.

Try to understand the nature of the mind: it is obsession. If you do something the mind goes on doing it twenty-four hours a day, it won’t give you rest. It is like a demon — it will not allow you rest. And rest is needed.