Effective Reading Strategies
Effective Reading Strategies

Effective Reading Strategies You Should Apply

Whether because of school demands or hobbies, reading will always be beneficial. As we know that we can enrich our knowledge by reading. But not all people know how to apply effective reading strategies. Are you one of the people who often have reading difficulty? Don’t worry because you can sharpen your skill by following effective strategies. Same as when you want to improve your another skill, you should prepare well strategies. Here are some points you should apply.

Pay Attention to the Reading Distance

Let’s start it from the basic, pay attention to the reading distance is necessary. You might don’t realize if you read in a wrong way. Too close distance is not recommended because this will damage your eyes. You should know that it can affect your focus level in reading. This is the number one of effective reading strategies to pay attention about. In avoiding negative possibilities, read books in about 30 cm distance. It will beneficial to make your brain relax in receiving information.

Highlight the Most Important Points

Still in the basic aspect, you also need to highlight the most important points. This may seem annoying for some of you. But it does help to remain yourself with what are the most important. There are many highlighters with bright colours including green and yellow. You can use it to know the main idea to be conveyed. When you are reading, you can look for the main ideas of the paragraph and then mark them. If you forget it later, you can read the book again and see the highlighted sentence.

Try to Read in One Sentence

The number three of effective reading strategies is read in one sentence. Reading word for word will make it difficult for you to understand the point. Apart from that, this will also take longer. If you focus on word for word, you will repeat it again. Therefore, it is better if you read one sentence in its entirety.

Don’t Rush

If previously we discus about how to read faster, it’s different now. Reading speed actually depends on each person. Reading fast is actually not a problem, but don’t be in a hurry. You should understand that your brain needs to receive any information little by little. When you force it to read in fast way, it will affect to your brain. You may will fell dizzy and less focus in reading. As the result, you don’t know how is your reading ability.

Be Motivate Every day

The number five of effective reading strategies is be motivate every day. Practicing reading every day you can do is necessary. This will make you accustomed to reading books. If you already know how to read comfortably, it will be beneficial for you. You will not need to force yourself in reading anymore if it becomes a habit. This and the previous points also can be used for the other reading activities like on website, newspaper, and other. Good luck to try it!…