Effective Reading Strategies You Should Apply

Whether because of school demands or hobbies, reading will always be beneficial. As we know that we can enrich our knowledge by reading. But not all people know how to apply effective reading strategies. Are you one of the people who often have reading difficulty? Don’t worry because you can sharpen your skill by following effective strategies. Same as when you want to improve your another skill, you should prepare well strategies. Here are some points you should apply.

Pay Attention to the Reading Distance

Let’s start it from the basic, pay attention to the reading distance is necessary. You might don’t realize if you read in a wrong way. Too close distance is not recommended because this will damage your eyes. You should know that it can affect your focus level in reading. This is the number one of effective reading strategies to pay attention about. In avoiding negative possibilities, read books in about 30 cm distance. It will beneficial to make your brain relax in receiving information.

Highlight the Most Important Points

Still in the basic aspect, you also need to highlight the most important points. This may seem annoying for some of you. But it does help to remain yourself with what are the most important. There are many highlighters with bright colours including green and yellow. You can use it to know the main idea to be conveyed. When you are reading, you can look for the main ideas of the paragraph and then mark them. If you forget it later, you can read the book again and see the highlighted sentence.

Try to Read in One Sentence

The number three of effective reading strategies is read in one sentence. Reading word for word will make it difficult for you to understand the point. Apart from that, this will also take longer. If you focus on word for word, you will repeat it again. Therefore, it is better if you read one sentence in its entirety.

Don’t Rush

If previously we discus about how to read faster, it’s different now. Reading speed actually depends on each person. Reading fast is actually not a problem, but don’t be in a hurry. You should understand that your brain needs to receive any information little by little. When you force it to read in fast way, it will affect to your brain. You may will fell dizzy and less focus in reading. As the result, you don’t know how is your reading ability.

Be Motivate Every day

The number five of effective reading strategies is be motivate every day. Practicing reading every day you can do is necessary. This will make you accustomed to reading books. If you already know how to read comfortably, it will be beneficial for you. You will not need to force yourself in reading anymore if it becomes a habit. This and the previous points also can be used for the other reading activities like on website, newspaper, and other. Good luck to try it!…

Important Tips on How to Write a Scientific Abstract

Abstract belongs to academic papers that need a good strategy to do it. Although it looks simple, but not all people can write a good abstract. No wonder if there are many people who afraid to do it even using a content writing service. Therefore, you really need to know how to write a scientific abstract. It because describes what you have in essay. If you can’t do it well, the readers can’t get the point you provide. Here are the steps you should apply.

Of Course Follow the Guidelines

Following the guidelines always become a priority for anyone. Especially those who want to do academic papers including abstract. There must be different guideline from one place to another. Therefore, you should check individual guides at the place. This will explain what should be included such as subsections and word counts. Although the abstract writing guidelines are mostly the same, you should still read whatever is needed.

Knowing the Standard

The next step how to write a scientific abstract is knowing the standard. This may looks the same with previous point. But this can be an alternative if the conference doesn’t show abstract structure. You can use the conventional format or standard. If you are unsure or afraid, you can ask for those who are already expert in writing abstract.

Include References

Including references is absolutely needed. It’s the same as when you write the other type of writing. But you should know that there will be references that may not be included. Of course, you need to know about the preferable references. It will be beneficial to make your abstract in its lane. This can also make the abstract easier to read visually.

Understand Who Will Read It

What’s next you should understand is the readers. This is the fourth step how to write a scientific abstract. As we know every content should be read by the audiences. This is the same with the non-formal witting that you should know who will read it. After deciding the topic, you need to know who are the readers. Think about whether the audience is familiar with the topic you are discussing.

Avoid Overstatements

Writing abstracts briefly but clearly is necessary. This is because it will make people know the real point of the research. Make sure you don’t use words wastefully. In addition, make each paragraph continuous with other paragraphs. For the conclusion, you should state it without overstatements.

Tell the Impact of Your Research

The last importing you should remember how to write a scientific abstract is tell the impact of your research. There must be reasons why you want to conduct the research. You should describe it wider and clearly to the audiences. Is there any impact of your work to something you discuss? It’s very crucial in identifying does your abstract has a value or not.

Just like when you write other research, abstracts cannot be completed quickly. You definitely need to change it several times. Therefore, some of the tips above are expected to be a motivation to write a better abstract.…

How Long Does It Take to Write a Book?

We actually don’t know how long does it take to write a book. It sounds impossible to know the exact time when you are the only one who can predict it. We can take the examples from the famous books in the world. The Strange Case by Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson took 6 days to finish the book. The others are even longer in some months and years like the Lord of The Rings Trilogy. But there are  some answers why your writing could be done faster or longer.

It Depends on How Often You Write

Because you don’t know yet how does it take to write a book, you should look at the way you write. Do you do it in full time or on the weekend only? It truly takes times and thoughts to write  a novel or book. That’s why choosing the time is the first step if you want to know how long does it take to write a book. The more often you write, you also can understand how long does it take to write a book.

It Depends on What Genre You Choose

How long does it take to write a book? It also takes much time to write difficult genre of books. Which one is you think the most difficult to write? Romance, horror, science fiction, or fantasy? But you can’t avoid the hardest one because you also should look at which genre that readers want to read? Fantasy is the example of best seller in all around the world. Who don’t know Game Of Throne or Harry Potter? Both of them are based on the book that you can see on television or movie. Of course George R. R. Martin and J.K Rowling spent much times to write their book. So, you have to focus on what genre you choose in knowing how long does it take to write a book.

It Depends on Your Revision

How does it take to write a book? The last answer your writing could be done longer or faster is it depends on your revision. It’s actually not the end of the step in writing a book. That’s why you need a clear planning to revise the whole story you’ve wrote. You can do it as soon as possible if you want to know how long does it take to write a book.…

Inspiring Education Quotes for Kids

Although it’s only an idea, but reading quotes really helps us to feel better. There are many categories that you can choose and education is one the examples. Do you want to be more motivated with quotes? Not only you but also your kids can read them. Give your little one education quotes for kids to intensify them in learning or studying. Use some of good recommendations of education quotes for kids below.

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” By Chinese Proverb

The number one of education quotes for kids is “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” It’s a good quotation from Chinese Proverb that you should give to your kids. According to this, we can see that learning is something precious which is likened like a treasure. When you finally get the treasure, you can keep it by yourself and also for others. Wherever you go, it will still be useful for you. Teach your kids to imagine how great this quotation is if they apply it in their lives.

“Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.” By Robert Frost

The number two of education quotes for kids is “Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.” If you ever heard about who is Robert Frost, you know that this litterateur has great literary works like poets. This one of the education quotes for kids are deeper. If commonly we only see it from one perspective, Robert Frost sees it in the different way. As it’s said in his quotation, besides we are the one who learns anything, we also should understand that there are also point of view from the others. We can’t be egoistic for not accepting the way others think. Education is not only about how we learn but also understand the different point of views.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” By Dr. Seuss

The number three of education quotes for kids is “The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” This quotation from Dr. Seuss also has a deep meaning. In learning something, we should read more and more. It’s a continuous learning that can lead you to further place. Go to library and read anything you never learned or knew before. The more you understand about something, the more also knowledge you get.…

How Do Scholarships Work?

The complicated steps in getting the scholarships make students think twice to get it. But for those who already have intention to study abroad, no one can stop them. You should know about how do scholarships work before you plan anything. Your carefulness is the key to get the scholarship right. There are some points that you suppose to know about how do scholarship work below.

According to the Categories

When we talk about how do scholarships work, we should know what is scholarship first. It’s actually not difficult to explain it but the other things like how do scholarship work could be more complex. The process in getting the scholarships which you have been looking for is very interesting to discuss. If you only know scholarship from some foundations, you should be more open with the other choices. There are eight basic categories which are Academic, Athletic, Creative, Community Service, Competition, Minority, Unusual, and Women Scholarships. When you choose the Academic scholarship, it’s given according to your academic report. It’s also applies to the  all categories which correspond to the name. But the unusual scholarship may sounds bit strange in your ears. The different ability like making a good essay about an experience will lead you to get this kind of scholarship.

Letters of Recommendation as the Requirement

What’s next about how do scholarships work? They will definitely work when you prepare anything which they need. The very important requirement you should apply is the letters of recommendation. If you just finished your undergraduate degree, you should ask for the recommendation from your thesis supervisor, are you capable or not to take a higher study. That’s why before you want to get a scholarship, knowing your ability is a must. It’s not the only one requirement because there are still the other things to prepare that you can learn from how to get international scholarship.

Apply the Submission at Least Before Six Months

After knowing how do scholarships work from the categories and requirement, there is also something important about the deadline. You can’t get the money from scholarship in a quick time because it needs a quite long time in selection process for  the scholarship recipients. But it’s always better to submit the application before the deadline. This is the last thing about how do scholarship work which requires you to take the time effectively.…

Science Shows for Kids to Watch

Because of the digital era, it’s difficult to filter anything which our kids watch. That’s why giving our kids educational shows are necessary. As the parents you should not only think about the physical but also the brain. Science shows for kids are the best selection to make your kids become smarter. There are some recommendation of Science shows for kids below which are easy to learn and follow.

Sid the Science Kid

The number one of Science shows for kids to watch is Sid the Science Kid. This is actually not a new show because the first episode was in 2008. But it’s really one of the recommended Science shows for kids which will make them like to watch. It looks like a normal animation but when you watch the story, there will be science related question and how to solve it. Sid and all of the characters in this show will teach your kids to think creatively.

Kids Science

For bigger kids, there is a good recommendation of show to watch named Kids Science. It’s really easy to watch this number two of Science shows for kids because you can find it on Youtube. This show always gives science based games which are played by some kids. They will be decided into groups and should use both physical and brain for the games. It’s really fun and challenging that can make your kids learn science easier.

SciShow Kids

The number three of Science shows for kids is SciShow Kids. You also can find it easily on Youtube. If we make a comparison between this show and the previous Science shows for kids, SciShow looks simpler. It’s because there is only a person as the presenter who will explain the science issues. But the iconic mouse robot named squeacks and the interesting graphical display are still worth it to watch.…

How to Write Good in Essay Tips

Which subject at school you don’t like the most or afraid of? All students must have some scary subjects like Mathematics. But there is also a subject which gives the same pressure called essay. This subject really requires us to think so hard. That’s why how to write good in Essay tips are useful for you. Learn all the tips of how to write good in essay precisely.

Come up the Problems to make an Idea

We all know that getting the idea is not as easy as when we google anything on the internet. Having enough knowledge is the only key to make ourselves easier to write. Come up the problems that you always want to discuss. It can be from the society around you or something you like. Don’t focus on the very hard topic that can make you more confused because it will make you difficult in realizing how to write good. Use the simple topic which you know it very well. This is the first thing you should learn about how to write good in essay.

Write as Clear as Possible

In writing essay, you need to make your teacher interested to read the whole story. That’s why you must write it clearly. Use your writing style as long as it’s easy to follow. Avoid writing unimportant things only to fulfill the paper. It’s better for you to tell directly but clearly rather than write a long sentences but it makes the essay becomes messy. This is the next thing about how to write good in essay.

Prove Your Arguments with References

If you want your essay to be more convincing, add references to support your arguments. Don’t be afraid to reveal something as long as you have evidences. This is definitely the best answer of how to write your essay longer. Show your ability to elaborate arguments and evident to make strong and clear writing.

Revise the Unclear Parts

When you think that the story you tell is not readable enough, you can revise it. Sometimes we don’t realize that we make mistakes at the time we write. That’s why after accomplish the essay, it is the best time to add or reduce the unclear parts. Do this suggestion of how to write good to improve the quality of your essay.…