how to raise a genius
how to raise a genius

How to Raise a Genius Tips for Parent

Raising kids who are growing up is not easy for every parent. We are expected to make them smarter even genius. But some kids are already born to be genius. For those who want or already have genius kids, you still have to know well about how to raise a genius kid. From the simple things you can apply them to improve yourself to learn how to raise a genius kid.

Always Give Them Affection

Love is everything for any relationships like you and your kids. It’s difficult to raise kids to be genius when they get less love from you. That’s why giving your kids affection is the first tips how to raise a genius kid to apply. It will make them confident to be better because you give affection and support behind them.

Let Them be Curious

Many knowledge we know is one of the ways how to be a genius person. Apply this for your kids by letting them to be more curious. They can explore anything they want to reveal. You as the parents take a responsibility to watch their activity and help them anytime they ask. This is the second tips how to rise a genius kid which is important too.

Give Them Healthy Foods

Besides love and affection, you should also give support from the health side. Give them healthy foods which can improve their memory and intelligence to be a genius. If you only give mental support, you should apply this number three of how to raise a genius kid tips. Be the parents who give both mental and physically support for your little ones.

Improve Their Ability by Providing Games

The last way how to raise a genius kid is by improving their ability using games. Give them games which can improve their memory such as puzzle and board games. It’s very effective way how to raise a genius kid when you do it frequently. They will be faster in thinking and remembering gradually.