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Kids Education

Inspiring Education Quotes for Kids

Although it’s only an idea, but reading quotes really helps us to feel better. There are many categories that you can choose and education is one the examples. Do you want to be more motivated with quotes? Not only you but also your kids can read them. Give your little one education quotes for kids to intensify them in learning or studying. Use some of good recommendations of education quotes for kids below.

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” By Chinese Proverb

The number one of education quotes for kids is “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” It’s a good quotation from Chinese Proverb that you should give to your kids. According to this, we can see that learning is something precious which is likened like a treasure. When you finally get the treasure, you can keep it by yourself and also for others. Wherever you go, it will still be useful for you. Teach your kids to imagine how great this quotation is if they apply it in their lives.

“Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.” By Robert Frost

The number two of education quotes for kids is “Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.” If you ever heard about who is Robert Frost, you know that this litterateur has great literary works like poets. This one of the education quotes for kids are deeper. If commonly we only see it from one perspective, Robert Frost sees it in the different way. As it’s said in his quotation, besides we are the one who learns anything, we also should understand that there are also point of view from the others. We can’t be egoistic for not accepting the way others think. Education is not only about how we learn but also understand the different point of views.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” By Dr. Seuss

The number three of education quotes for kids is “The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” This quotation from Dr. Seuss also has a deep meaning. In learning something, we should read more and more. It’s a continuous learning that can lead you to further place. Go to library and read anything you never learned or knew before. The more you understand about something, the more also knowledge you get.…

Science Shows for Kids to Watch

Because of the digital era, it’s difficult to filter anything which our kids watch. That’s why giving our kids educational shows are necessary. As the parents you should not only think about the physical but also the brain. Science shows for kids are the best selection to make your kids become smarter. There are some recommendation of Science shows for kids below which are easy to learn and follow.

Sid the Science Kid

The number one of Science shows for kids to watch is Sid the Science Kid. This is actually not a new show because the first episode was in 2008. But it’s really one of the recommended Science shows for kids which will make them like to watch. It looks like a normal animation but when you watch the story, there will be science related question and how to solve it. Sid and all of the characters in this show will teach your kids to think creatively.

Kids Science

For bigger kids, there is a good recommendation of show to watch named Kids Science. It’s really easy to watch this number two of Science shows for kids because you can find it on Youtube. This show always gives science based games which are played by some kids. They will be decided into groups and should use both physical and brain for the games. It’s really fun and challenging that can make your kids learn science easier.

SciShow Kids

The number three of Science shows for kids is SciShow Kids. You also can find it easily on Youtube. If we make a comparison between this show and the previous Science shows for kids, SciShow looks simpler. It’s because there is only a person as the presenter who will explain the science issues. But the iconic mouse robot named squeacks and the interesting graphical display are still worth it to watch.…

How to Raise a Genius Tips for Parent

Raising kids who are growing up is not easy for every parent. We are expected to make them smarter even genius. But some kids are already born to be genius. For those who want or already have genius kids, you still have to know well about how to raise a genius kid. From the simple things you can apply them to improve yourself to learn how to raise a genius kid.

Always Give Them Affection

Love is everything for any relationships like you and your kids. It’s difficult to raise kids to be genius when they get less love from you. That’s why giving your kids affection is the first tips how to raise a genius kid to apply. It will make them confident to be better because you give affection and support behind them.

Let Them be Curious

Many knowledge we know is one of the ways how to be a genius person. Apply this for your kids by letting them to be more curious. They can explore anything they want to reveal. You as the parents take a responsibility to watch their activity and help them anytime they ask. This is the second tips how to rise a genius kid which is important too.

Give Them Healthy Foods

Besides love and affection, you should also give support from the health side. Give them healthy foods which can improve their memory and intelligence to be a genius. If you only give mental support, you should apply this number three of how to raise a genius kid tips. Be the parents who give both mental and physically support for your little ones.

Improve Their Ability by Providing Games

The last way how to raise a genius kid is by improving their ability using games. Give them games which can improve their memory such as puzzle and board games. It’s very effective way how to raise a genius kid when you do it frequently. They will be faster in thinking and remembering gradually.…


What are the benefits of e-learning for kids? Nowadays, everyone knows that the technology was able to give some of its own conveniences of life. The education aspect is one of them. The concept of the education system that makes use of information technology in the teaching and learning process is called e-learning. If you want to implement e-learning system in teaching and learning process, you need to find out first what the benefits of e-learning for kids that you can get later.

Unlimited Learning Materials

One of the biggest the benefits of e-learning for kids is unlimited learning materials. Instead of ignoring the conventional library, the e-learning system allows you to obtain much more learning materials than the conventional library. You only need to type in a specific keyword on a search engine online and you can get the list of information from a variety of sources. And it also only takes a short of time.

Explore More Knowledge

You will get a big opportunity to explore more knowledge while doing e-learning. This is also the benefits of e-learning for kids. You will find a new information that will keep you getting curious. The good point is, you can soon looking for that information easily. That way, anyone who does e-learning can have many opportunities to explore any information.

More Flexible Time

The other the benefits of e-learning for kids is a flexible time. Learning in the classroom is indeed great for improving communication skills and socialization of students, but it cannot be denied that e-learning is superior in terms of flexibility. A student can study whenever and wherever they are, all they need is an adequate internet connection device.

Match The Digital Era

The last part of the benefits of e-learning for kids is it matches the digital era. The various aspects of current life have begun to move into the digital realm. Any student learning activities will certainly be easier by implementing e-learning system. Especially, if the student uses a computer that all the features have been adapted to the student’s needs as well as the teachers.…