Transform Your Path, Transform Your Career

Transform Your Path, Transform Your Career

Did you know that God created for you a specific purpose, a specific plan? I bet you didn’t know that if you got your life in order and in line with God, that He will show you the career path He planned for you. Sound too unbelievable? It’s not. God is the creator of all things, the creator of you. If you let Him show you your path, He will.

Did you know that when you are forced to work outside of what your natural abilities are and what your purpose is, you feel tense and uncomfortable. It requires extra effort and a ton of energy that you just don’t have. Unfortunately, this produces less than favorable results. That is exactly why you shouldn’t try to do what you are not able to do, what is not in your purpose. It just doesn’t work. It’s stressful. When you dread going to your job just to make a buck, you’re not doing what your divine purpose is. You’re not using your God-given abilities. When you use what God gave you, you will love doing what you’re doing.

Have you ever seen a person or know a person that loves their work so much that they are always working? They love what they do? They can’t stop talking about what they do? You sit in wonderment because you just can’t fathom why they want to work so much. You can’t imagine anyone could love their work so much that they talk about it and glow when they do. Why? It’s because they are HAPPY. They are working in their divine plan in life – God’s plan for them.

When you work in God’s plan, you aren’t fretful, you aren’t tense, you aren’t uncomfortable, you aren’t stressed, you aren’t unhappy. When you work in God’s plan, you are happy, you are empowered, you are comfortable, you are satisfied; and when you are like this, you are fruitful and you are fulfilled. I encourage you to ask God what your specific purpose is, your unique plan. It will make your life simpler and happier.