Venture for a Career Change at 50

Venture for a Career Change at 50

We all know that setting up a strong career base at young age demands a lot of hard-work, expert guidance and right decision making. However, successful job hunts and career changes after 50 revolve mainly around one important aspect, your attitude. If you are carrying the right attitude, everything in the new career comes in a distant second. With positive attitude comes the optimism which in turn radiates an enthusiasm that motivates you to work hard and express an honest and sincere interest in the new career and associated challenges.

With self-belief, confidence, and winning attitude, it is easy to prepare yourself and present as the best candidate in the job battle field. Listed below are few basic tips to guide you towards a successful new career after 50:

You might have spent a long time in your last job and it has been years since you gave your last interview. Therefore, before beginning you job hunt for the new career, get feedback from your peers, colleagues and any other informed person about your speaking abilities. Ask them if your way of answering questions reflect a positive attitude. Take their criticism (if any) positively and prepare to project your best possible image. You may need to practise a lot, but again that is for a good cause.

At the age of 50, you are sure to have many decades of experience to showcase on your CV. However, it is advisable to highlight only your recent experiences for past 10-15 years. Do not put details about every tiny thing you have done in your life, rather write about quantifiable accomplishments that are likely to help you in your new career.

It was ages ago, when you have last visited the college. Since then a lot of things have changed ranging for teaching methodologies to the courses entirely. Therefore, make sure you update yourself and make yourself market ready before beginning your venture of career change. A good idea is to join social networking sites like LinkedIN, MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter where you are exposed to many young ideas and get acquainted with latest market trends.

After working for senior level positions, there are few roles that can do justice do your qualification and experience. Therefore, prepare yourself to answer questions regarding your over-qualification for a job profile. However, don’t memorize standard answers to these questions in case things don’t go to plan or as you expected, you can loose your confidence and train of thought. Last but not the least, groom yourself well, look good, look fit and you will naturally feel confident. Forget about your age and concentrate only on the new challenge of getting into new career.