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Law Enforcement Training – Train to Serve Your City the Right Way

Law Enforcement Training – Train to Serve Your City the Right Way

Do you ever wonder what a Law Enforcement Training is all about? If you do, then you do not need look any further. Here’s a detailed insight into the realm of law enforcement training and what it entails

What you gain?

Law Enforcement Training will get you well acquainted with the regulations, laws, acts and other various codes of ethics practiced at the local, state and the federal level. In addition, it will also inform you about the structure of the law enforcement organization as well as their basic standard procedures. Some of the common skills developed during this form of training include investigating criminal procedures, interrogating suspects and analyzing crime scenes. In most programs, you are bound to study at least a few of these courses:

Introduction to Criminal Justice

Criminal Procedures and Evidence

Introduction to Law Enforcement

Ethics in Law Enforcement


Criminal Investigation

Correctional Treatment Strategies

If you wish to have a progressive career in this field, i.e. if you plan on becoming a police officer, a private investigator or even a correctional officer, then you must opt for an associate’s degree. This usually takes around two years to complete or sometimes even less. An associate’s degree in law enforcement training provides you with an overview of how the entire criminal justice system operates. This usually focuses on teaching three main areas – the cops, courts and corrections. Having significant insight within these three areas equips and prepares you for an entry level job.

Further studies

You should not stop at an associate’s degree. You can progress your career in the same field by getting a bachelor’s degree as well.

A bachelor’s degree offers you an interdisciplinary study of crime and justice in the society. This allows students to prepare for platforms of leadership and responsibility within the criminal justice community and other related professions. Some of the core courses taught during this level include psychology, juvenile justice and families in crisis codes, traffic codes and first responder reactions.

Getting a bachelor’s degree qualifies you for positions like FBI or DEA agent, a narcotics officer, immigrations officer and even a harbor patrol officer.

In general, it covers two main aspects – theoretical and physical. While the theoretical aspect confines you to classroom training, the physical aspect helps in increasing your physical aptitude and teaches you how to operate different arms and ammunitions and how to deal in a situation of crisis.

Thus, Law Enforcement Training is simply a means to equip you for a career that is aimed towards serving the country and the local public in every way possible.…

Considering a Real Estate Appraiser Career For You?

Considering a Real Estate Appraiser Career For You?

Considering a career as a real estate appraiser? It’s a career choice that offers the opportunity to work outside a typical office environment, the chance to meet different kinds of people and with experience, the choice to start your own consulting business. Here are some tips to consider if you’re ready to take on this exciting, career challenge:

Satisfy your state’s real estate appraisal education requirements.

First things first – you must fulfill your state’s educational requirements before launching your career and obtaining your trainee license. You can take your course in a classroom setting. However, many choose to pursue their real estate appraisal training in an online learning environment. Benefits of this choice can include setting your own study schedule, learning from home and progressing at your own pace. Whether you choose an online or classroom setting, your learning objectives should include land taxation, government regulations, zoning laws and the business aspect of the job, which involves current market trends.

Pass your state exam and obtain field experience. On-the-job training will allow you to implement what you learned during your real estate appraisal courses. On the job training would put you under an experienced real estate appraiser. Basically, you will act as an assistant to your mentor and examine how things are done. It is also the best way to start building networks among prominent people on the job; you never know when a good connection may come in handy. It is not impossible to make valuable contacts when conducting or assisting with an appraisal or even just attending business meetings with your mentor. Make sure to make yourself known to them, you wouldn’t want to pass up an opportunity.

Consider all the opportunities an appraiser career offers. Aside from mentorship with a real estate appraiser, how about working for a bank? It’s an ideal move for someone who wants to specialize in land value and equities. Another is taking apprenticeship with the government, particularly in the department that handles taxation problems and revenues because this is very much in sync with the job. Lastly, after acquiring enough experience, why not launch your business? You could work independently and develop a network of clients and businesses you perform appraisals for, or you can hire other appraisers and serve as a mentor to new, budding appraisers.

An appraisal may be the rewarding career opportunity you’ve been seeking. If anything, it’s definitely worth investigating, especially in an economy that is positively progressing in the right direction.

If you are currently working full-time and/or juggling other personal and family responsibilities, don’t be dismayed – an appraisal career is still possible! Consider the convenience an online real estate school can offer with schedule flexibility and the ability to learn from home on your own schedule. Saving money on gas and child care are also major benefits.

Conduct your own research and learn more about this career field. It might be the best move you ever make for your career, future and family.…

8a Certification Checklist – Am I Ready to Apply to the SBA?

8a Certification Checklist – Am I Ready to Apply to the SBA?

There are many components to the 8a Certification process that determine whether a firm is ready to apply. The following is a list of items that help demonstrate to the SBA that the firm is ready to begin doing work for the Federal Government and will be able to successfully complete contracts that it is awarded.

The Basics:

1. You must be a US Citizen to apply to be part of the 8a program.

2. You must be socially disadvantaged belonging to three different classes of people.

a. A minority as designated by the SBA

b. 30% service disabled veteran

c. White Female, although no presumption of social disadvantage is presumed

3. You must possess all certification necessary to perform the work your firm will provide the federal government.

4. Your firm should take on its final entity type, for example converting from a sole proprietorship to a corporation.

5. All tax returns should be current, and the owner and firm should not be delinquent of any tax liability.

6. All SBA loans should be current.

7. The firm must have at least three customers with none of the customers accounting for greater than 70% of the firms revenue.

8. Your firm must be CRR Registered as well as registered with Dun and Bradstreet.

More Advanced:

1. Ideally the firm has been in business for the past two years. This should be evidenced by the firm’s tax returns.

2. The owner of the firm should have a high degree of competency as demonstrated by degrees and past management experience. A well developed resume should accompany any 8a application

3. Ideally the firm has successfully performed work on governmental contracts. This is especially important if the firm’s length in time in business is under two years.

4. The business owner should be able to demonstrate active participation in the socially disadvantaged group in which he or she is a member. Have letters of reference ready.

5. The business owner should have well documented instances of discrimination which are inhibiting his or her firm from growing as quickly as it could without the presence of discrimination.

6. Financial statements for the firm should be as close to current as possible for the date of the application.

7. The firm should have access to adequate capital in order to perform government contracts.

8. All bonding and insurance necessary to perform government contracts in the firms primary NAICS code should be in place.

9. The firm’s revenue is ideally greater than $250,000 for the past year. If the revenue for the firm was less than $250,000 than an ideal applicant will complete the following steps to augment their application.

a. Have a well constructed business plan for the 8a applicant firm

b. The business owner will have taken classes that are designed to teach the owner how to successfully bid on government contracts.

Getting SBA 8a Certified is a challenging process. Following the above checklist will insure that your firm will have all of the pieces in place before your application is submitted to the SBA.…

What’s Really Important to You?

What’s Really Important to You?

Our family recently experienced a rather unexpected and sudden loss. My husband’s 38 year old cousin suddenly passed away due to complications of pneumonia. It’s never easy to lose someone, but when they are so young, vibrant, and seem to have so much ahead of them it feels especially hard. She was very close to my age, so it really hit home. I’ve spent some time reflecting on just how precious my time on this earth really is and the importance of savoring all I have right now. I happened to recently hear the song 100 Years by Five for Fighting on the radio and it echoed this sentiment.

If you’ve not heard this song, or haven’t heard it in a while, the words to 100 Years are really powerful. It’s worth a listen.

The song chronicles the various “seasons” of life, beginning with age 15 through 100. The main theme is that we’re always chasing the next place in our lives instead of really enjoying where we are right now. When we finally arrive at that next place, it’s just for a moment and we don’t fully experience it.

Have you ever thought, “If I could just…” or “If only I had done (fill in the blank) then I’d be happy; or then I would have a better direction; or be able to pursue my greatest ambition?” But that someday never comes. No one sets out to get to the end of their life with a song still in their heart, with words left unsaid, or a dream unrealized. We are just so busy living and existing we sometimes forget what’s most precious until it’s gone.

Enjoying each moment, incorporating your purpose and passion, and living a significant life can seem like an unattainable goal. I’m here to tell you it’s NOT! It is possible! But there is no quick fix. It’s more of a life journey than an end point destination. The journey begins by taking some time to be still and reflect on the top 1 – 5 things that matter MOST to you. If you were 99 years old looking back on your life, what would make you feel as though:

-you made a difference

-you impacted others with your skills and talents

and really counted?

-what dream or injustice do you long to achieve or right?

-what is the legacy you want to leave your family or the world?

Jot down the 5 things that matter most to you and then answer the following questions for each one:

-How will I feel when I achieve this?

-Who, besides me, will this impact?

-What’s the cost of NOT striving for this?

-Who do I need to be in order to succeed?

-What’s one step I can take today towards this goal?

With any journey, there is a first step, and I encourage you to take it. Please don’t end up at “..99 for a moment. Dying for just another moment…dreaming and counting the ways to where you are.” Every day IS a new day. An opportunity to be who and what you’ve always dreamed possible.…

The Value of Continuing Education Courses

The Value of Continuing Education Courses

Education is something that never depreciates. It is one of the most valuable aspects of one’s life and career. To be successful at something you need to be a master of what you do. The easiest way to ensure this is by continuing your education. No one knows everything, but the more you know about your profession, product, and clients, the better off you are. Many professions require a certain type of continuing education courses to be completed every 1-2 years. For instance, insurance agents must complete continuing education courses either online or in a classroom every two years by their compliance deadline. Other industries do not have a specific requirement, but many individuals take courses online to stay current with trends, rules and regulations.

Continuing education can also be done at local community colleges or Universities. Most offer both online and classroom courses. Many adult students choose online courses because they are flexible and easier to complete than attending an actual campus. For someone who is not working full time classroom courses may fit their needs. Some students prefer an instructor teaching the classes as opposed to participating in discussion board postings online.

One of the most important reasons professionals’ complete continuing education classes are for employment reasons. Typically, the more education one has the better. Someone with a master’s degree will have an edge over someone with a bachelor’s degree when competing for the same job; everything else being constant. So when an individual is looking to gain employment or move up in a corporation education is one of the first things taken into consideration. Many view education as an investment. The more you invest in yourself, the more it will pay off in the future. No one can ever take your education or degree away from you.

In summary, whether taking classes online or in a classroom education is extremely important to everyone. It doesn’t matter your job title or profession. The more knowledge you have, the bigger an asset you are to your boss, your company and yourself. So whether your company or industry requires continuing education or not, it is recommended to take classes every year or so to stay up to date on current trends. Also, make sure to check with your employer about tuition reimbursement. Many companies will help pay for their employees to go back to school! That’s how important education is to them.…

Changing Careers – Becoming an IT Technician With the A+ Certification

Changing Careers – Becoming an IT Technician With the A+ Certification

Thinking about a career change? Why not consider a career in IT? As companies expand, they rely on computers more and more, thus there has been in recent years a real need for IT technicians. Taking the CompTIA A+ certification – the only certification in the industry that does not just focus on Microsoft technologies – will enable you to take that first step towards an IT career.

The latest version is the 2009 CompTIA A+ certification. Every few years a new version is released, as technology changes so rapidly. IT qualifications are regularly updated as changes occur in the IT industry, thus, an I.T technician must always keep up to date and aware of changes. The A+ certification tests the subject’s current knowledge in order to state that the IT technician’s knowledge is accurate and up to date. Training as an IT technician will not only validate your knowledge, but will demonstrate your commitment to your career – something which employers really look out for.

The CompTIA A+ certification is built by the best in the industry. A number of professionals, from the private, public and academic sector have all contributed to this qualifications making. Made by the best out there, the A+ certification is guaranteed to challenge you and test your ability to the highest level. This certification is considered to be the most favorable qualifications by many in the IT industry, as it is an academic and vocational course.

Employers, when hiring an IT technician, look out for the A+ certification. It will show to them that you are not only knowledgeable on current technologies, but you are more likely to adapt to new technologies much quicker. Already, many employers have declared that qualified IT technicians are much more efficient and can deal with more enquiries, than a non-certified technician. With this in mind, a qualification in IT will get you very far in the IT industry. It may also fast track your career, as many certified professionals get those promotions much quicker that the non-certified professionals.…

Get Creative To Land The Job of Your Dreams!

Get Creative To Land The Job of Your Dreams!

Many people don’t understand the benefits of creating their very own website. The myth that a website is used purely to make money online is most definitely false in today’s climate. Don’t get me wrong, you can make a lot of money online by creating and monetizing a website correctly. However, that is not the only reason that more and more people are looking for a presence online.

For example, the job market is not in the best shape. Applicants are finding they have to go the extra mile just to stand out from the hundreds of other people targeting the same positions. By creating your own personal website, you can make a huge impact on a potential employer. You see, its not uncommon for a potential employer to check you out on the internet. The chances are, that one of the first places they will find you, is on a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter. What would that mean to you? Do you really want a potential employer to find you in this way? Or perhaps find reference to you in someone else’s page? Depending on how you or very often your friends behave online, this could be a disaster.

However, you can stop this from happening by creating your very own personal website and attaching the domain link to your resume or CV. Its a fantastic way to promote yourself in a good light and make you stand out from the crowd. You can fill your website with everything you would want a potential employer to see, such as your qualifications, experience and your interests and pastimes. Perhaps you can add some video or photographs to back up your claims or attach some examples of your work.

By creating your very own personal website, it means that potential employers don’t have to search the internet or find you by chance somewhere you’d rather they didn’t. It will show that you have gone the extra mile to promote yourself and can give you the edge over other less creative candidates by providing that extra impressive information.

So before you apply for that next job, give yourself a fighting chance and learn how to create a website today. Its not rocket science, you can secure your domain name and have a website up and running for just a couple of dollars a month! Most web hosting companies will provide you with professionally designed templates where you literally just fill in the blanks.…