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Leadership Coaching: Be A Leader, Take The Tough Job

Leadership Coaching: Be A Leader, Take The Tough Job

Take The Tough Job

Earn management’s respect and guarantee your job security by stepping up and offering to undertake the toughest problem facing your manager. If you are trying to keep your job, show traits like initiative, courage, and leadership. Take the tough job.

Getting your manager’s buy-in is important, but not critical. Look, you really aren’t taking a great risk by volunteering for the “tough job” for a reason. People have been trying to slay this beast for a while. Sure, you may be shining a flashlight into a black hole, but the worst that is going to happen is you join the ranks of those who tried and failed. Hey, as the saying goes, some days you eat the bear, and some days the bear eats you.

Upside potential is the good news about taking on the tough job. It is tremendous. Resolving the problem enables you to become not just the fair-haired boy or girl, but you have a job with the company until it sells the furniture and locks the doors. So get to work scrutinizing and laying out whatever resources, facts and researches you have like pieces of a puzzle to see if anything fits together. Just sorting out and separating the issues into distinct groupings may put head and shoulders above everyone else who has ever gotten into the ring. Ask for as much help as you can get, so that you have other people working on side issues while you concentrate and stay focused on the overall problem.

Face The Challenge Of Becoming A Leader

When you realized that your best plan to solve the puzzle has turned out not successful and ineffective, it may be time to go to plan B, which is attacking one aspect of the multi-layered problem. Check back with your manager for his approval on your course of action. If you get the green light, ask him what section of the puzzle is causing him the greatest concern, or he would most like resolved. Then focus on straightening out that tangle.

Be aware that there are consequences to taking a little at a time approach. Sometimes the answers to individual parts of a larger problem do not fit well with an overall solution. If you do nothing else, try your best to move the ball forward as much as possible. So, taking the tough job is worth taking the risk. It’s worth the challenge to become a leader.…

7 Important Points About Military HIPAA Certification

7 Important Points About Military HIPAA Certification

When they first hear about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), most people think it only applies to civilian institutions. However, HIPAA training can also prove beneficial to military institutions such as the Army or the Navy. Read below to find out the top 7 things you need to know about Military HIPAA program.

1) In order to obtain their HIPAA program, military professionals first have to undergo a HIPAA compliance training course, like in the case of civilians. The training courses include topics such as risk analysis, project management, security compliance, and information security. Military personnel can usually receive guidance from a superior, who can designate the specific courses each member has to attend.

2) Just like civilians, military professionals have the opportunity to choose one of three HIPAA certificate: Certified HIPAA Professional, Certified HIPAA Administrator, or Certified HIPAA Security Specialist. The type of certificate each individual requires depends on the job responsibilities he or she has within the military force. If, at any point during their military career, they wish to land a job which has different HIPAA requirements, they can simply join the appropriate course and obtain a new HIPAA program.

3) Military personnel can choose either an online HIPAA training course or a live class. In either case, they have to pass a final exam to obtain their HIPAA program. Online training courses have a typical length of two hours, while live classes can last from two and up to four days.

4) Military professionals who obtain their HIPAA certificate will be able to manage military databases or projects, work with sensitive military documents, or obtain compliance based jobs, such as records security officers or compliance officers.Consequently, acquiring their HIPAA program can be the perfect opportunity for military personnel to further their career.

5) Military HIPAA training teaches personnel how to protect and secure personal identifiable information (PII), personal health information (PHI), as well as electronic personal health information (EPHI).

6) During military HIPAA training, personnel will learn what boundaries they have to respect when using and realizing health data, they will understand the penalties they are subject to in case they violate patient rights, and they will also find out about the safeguards they have to impose in order to protect private health information.

7) Obtaining a HIPAA certification also enables military professionals to become HIPAA trainers for other military staff. Military HIPAA trainers will have to plan the curriculum for the training modules and teach the course in front of other military professionals. They will be responsible for informing military personal about HIPAA’s significance, background, enactment, and regulations.

These are some of the most important things relating to Military HIPAA program that anyone working in this field should know about. The Military Health System (MHS), just like any other private or public US health system that acts as medical care provider, has to adhere to HIPAA’s regulations. Because of this, it is also important for military personnel to obtain their HIPAA certification.…

Benefits of Sending Your Children To Private School

We all want what is best for our kids, and that often starts with their education. What they learn in school and the people they interact with can set them up to be successful in the future. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider private school Arlington MA for your offspring.

The Academics

Success begins right in the classroom. It has been proven that lower student-to-teacher ratios create a better learning environment. With more attention from instructors available, pupils can extract information from experts more quickly. In addition to class sizes, the libraries housed in these academies are often top-notch. These come with high-end technology that gives students the right to speedy learning conveniences. Tutors for standardized tests tend to be high quality.

The Activities

Extracurricular activities are important as well. As many top students around the country often boast similar GPAs and test scores, they can stand out to many colleges by being well-rounded. Public schools often have limited resources for sports, so they don’t go much further than football, basketball or soccer. Private schools, on the other hand, have larger budgets that allow them to compete in other pastimes such as lacrosse, skiing or rowing. In addition to physical activities, there are more liberties for the arts including photography, acting or sculpting. Kids will also have access to facilities in the manner of stables, swimming pools, tennis courts and more.

The People

These institutions often attract the best and brightest students and faculty. One overlooked advantage is the influence of alumni networks. Having good connections lead to more university and job opportunities. These contacts may know admissions officers, hiring managers, organizational leaders and more. There are college counselors on-site to help. Some places even offer study abroad plans where further bonds can be made.

With these characteristics in mind, you can make the case that you should spare no expense for the prospects of your progeny.

Benefits of Getting a Cisco Certification

Benefits of Getting a Cisco Certification

A Cisco Certification is more of a key that opens many doors for IT work opportunities. The kind of career that a person can have with such kind of certification is a bit overwhelming. The work you do is very essential and hard to learn. But getting a Pass Certification for Cisco is definitely harder, in so many levels. Cisco offers the most number of certifications. And all of those can be classified in 5 levels and about 8 general subjects.

According to surveys recently conducted, a person with a Cisco Certification definitely earns more compared to those who are not certified Cisco professionals. Since this industry has started, that fact remains the same. Some people believe that soon enough, there will be a great number of people who can have the said certifications and that it wouldn’t make a difference anymore. But the situation never changed.

This could both be an advantage and disadvantage for IT professionals. As mentioned, Cisco courses are a bit more difficult to other common IT courses and programs. In addition, passing a Cisco Certification examination is considered to be more difficult that the actual course. The results can never be faked. To get a Pass Certification, you should have broad knowledge about Cisco and everything in it.

A significant number of the population of IT professionals believes that experience is the key in being a good Cisco professional. But this is not the case when it comes to employers. They would always want the best. And to get the best employees, a Cisco Certification is one of the requirements. Experience alone will not do the trick. There must be a combination of skills, experience, and verifiable credentials.

The Cisco Certification is always evolving. This makes matters worse for people who would want to get certified but have been stuck with old updates. You must keep up with new and fast-paced evolution of Cisco. To pass the tests, you must always keep yourself updated. Well, this is somehow the explanation why Certified Cisco professionals are always preferred by employers and why they get a better pay than those who do not have a Cisco certification.

There is a wide range of courses that you can take to get a Pass Certification for Cisco. Actually, there are more or less 40 courses that you can take. All of which are essential in the whole IT industry. Once you have a number of these certifications, you will certainly be a good asset for any company, big or small. You may want to work hard on the courses so that you can surely pass the tests given.

People who have a Cisco Certification somehow signify that they want Cisco as a real career, not just for kicks. Well, getting a Pass Certification can indeed be a good investment for future job opportunities. It will not just give you more financial gain, but more skills in dealing with different IT problems and tasks. You can start with an Entry level certification and work your way up to the more advanced type of Cisco Certification.…

Nursing Continuing Education – Fast Track Your Career

Nursing Continuing Education – Fast Track Your Career

With over 2.5 million nurses working in the U.S. alone, it is fair in saying that nursing is booming for sure. Actually, the demand/supply curve for nursing is an interesting case study in itself, but more importantly – Nurses have plenty of opportunities to enhance their knowledge.

Healthcare students who look for a career in nursing, have the excellent alternative to choose nursing continuing education courses. This helps nurses keep up with the competition by learning up-to-date techniques and practices in the medical field.

Online courses, is definitely an option by which nurses can now obtain higher degrees while working.

About 60% of nurses interviewed by a freelancing survey organization reported the importance of learning continuously. Continuing education programs in nursing provide this opportunity to students who are willing to learn all the while.

There are many benefits of continuing your nursing education. In a survey conducted by , more than 80% of nurses interviewed said that their salary hiked by almost 15% after they took the decision of advance nursing education. The added benefit was that the nurses could complete the courses, while working, as most nurses took online nursing education courses.

Continuing your nursing education can give you even more opportunities in this ever-booming industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Registered Nurses are expected to grow in the coming decade with more employment opportunities and more retirees looking for skilled health care professionals.

Nursing continuing education not only provides career advancements but also keeps you updated with the advanced practices and technologies in this particular field of study. As the medical fraternity looks for new cures and fixes to deadly disorders, nurses have to be constantly updated with the latest technological advancements in this domain. That can only happen, if the nurses keep uplifting themselves in terms of education.

There are specialized courses for NPs, LPNs and RNs which help them be better nurses in their chosen specialty. They can now be better healthcare providers and have more knowledge about their field by continuing their nursing education.

Many of the nursing continuing education also offers refresher courses in a particular specialty. With these turnkey courses, the biggest benefit is – You save time while you study.

Continuing their education has to be the first priority in the professional lives of every nurse. In doing so, they help themselves in adding valuable points to their knowledge, experience and compensation.…

Continuing Education Helps You Learn on Your Own Terms

Continuing Education Helps You Learn on Your Own Terms

Nobody should ever be tied to an employment that they do not enjoy. While a job is needed to make financial ends meet, it should still be something that people look forward to everyday- especially since most people spend the majority of their lives working. If this is not the case, then it may be time for you to consider a career change.

A lack of a post-secondary education is no longer an excuse to refrain from a more desired career path. Developments in educational research have led to the introduction of online learning, also known as distance education. People can learn at their own rate, and need only to spare five to ten hours a week in their daily lives to study from the comfort of home.

Concentrations include, but are not limited to:

– Business

– Health Sciences

– Human Services

– Languages and Communications

– Computers

– Creative and Visual Arts

– Law and Security Policing

– Engineering Technology,

– Library Records Management

– Engineering Technology

– Social Sciences

These programs all have different levels of focus, and these depend on what your personal preferences and strengths are. Every concentration can be taken to a higher level – this simply depends on the desires of the student.

Since everybody learns in different ways and at different rates, online learning allows for people to educate themselves at the level that best suits them. The intimidation of the classroom is eliminated, and students are able to ask any question, at any time. The professors are accessible on a one-on-one level, increasing their approachability.

Another benefit of distance education is that is forces students to work online. Today, technology is evolving quickly, and those who are unfamiliar with the operations of a computer are likely to be left behind. Gaining certification online is one of the best ways to learn the intricacies of your computer, and the functions of the Internet. Familiarity with computers will only add to your skill set, making your next employment application more appealing to potential employers.

Continuing education is also cost-efficient. Parking, food and babysitting expenses are eliminated. Tuition and supplies are your only cost, and these are generally manageable. For those people that need additional monetary assistance, financial aid is available to those that qualify. Financial help can sometimes help bridge the gap between choosing to further our education, or continue on with our daily lives, so find out if it is an option available to you.

Distance education is a way of learning that strays away from the confines of the classroom. It allows people to learn what they can, when they can, without putting additional strain on the everyday circumstance of an individual’s daily obligations. It is an education that is considerate of the individual. If properly applied, continued education can change the course of your life, providing you with a truly rewarding career. All you have to do is a little studying from time to time.…

Strengths-Based Process: Leveraging Strengths for Success

Strengths-Based Process: Leveraging Strengths for Success

We all have strengths – We all have weaknesses.

The common consensus is that we should improve our weaknesses to become more balanced and competent. This misinformed belief leads people to become average. None of us are satisfied with average – there has to be another way to develop.

Yes, you need to be aware of your weaknesses and not allow them to inhibit your development. Weaknesses need to be mitigated, but spending all of our time focusing on improving weaknesses is an exercise in futility.

We all have areas of weakness. There are several reasons for this and one reason is it is physically impossible to be perfect at everything. The best reason is that we do not mentally and physically enjoy doing the things we are weakest at doing and spend less time operating in those areas. We avoid doing things that are unpleasant and we gravitate to doing the things that we enjoy the most. The things we enjoy doing the most become our strengths because we have more deliberate practice in these areas. Ultimately, we should concentrate on maximizing our strengths because we enjoy spending our energy and time focusing on these areas.

We have more to offer others when we express our strengths and cultivate our expertise.

Now that we have a mutual understanding on strengths and weaknesses; let me introduce you to the lever that enhances the strengths-based system.

There is an economic principle called competitive advantage.

It states that two competent people making two items each usually possess the ability to do one thing better than the other. When each of them focuses on their strength – they can maximize their output in their best area.

Each person can produce more of one item when focused on doing only the thing they are best at doing instead of including their weaker skill. Each person has an abundance of one item and they need to fulfill the need provided by the item they did not create.

The key to unlocking the strength-based process is TRADE.

Trade creates wealth and Countries use this principle well. Our civilization originated by using a bartering system which grew into a money system which is all based on the economic principle of competitive advantage. We as individuals can leverage this principle for our individual competitive advantage.

The prescription for implementation is:

We need to identify our greatest strength.

Develop this strength to be the best it can be.

Find someone else who needs what we produce and has something of importance that we are weak at producing.

Trade services and create wealth for both parties.

A Win-Win Situation by leveraging the economic principle of Competitive Advantage for personal and professional development.…