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Diamond Authenticity – How to Tell If Your Diamond Is Real


Diamond Authenticity – How to Tell If Your Diamond Is Real

Diamonds are girl’s best friend! It is one of the most sought after precious stone because of its unique beauty and sophistication among other gemstones. It has good quality and can be a form of investment for the few jewellery collectors. Today, diamonds are not only sold on high-security stores but could easily be purchased online. Few buyers prefer online hunt for diamonds for ease. Like purchasing online items, one can buy this precious stone online. However, problems of authenticity and fraud are considered as a big issue then, since there are lots of imitators who are already been using the web market as portal of scam. Here are some few tips on how to identify and/or acquire genuine diamonds online:

• Reliable Store Do not confuse yourself from many names of known diamond store. There are only few reliable stores who sell authentic diamonds and good names in the business industry are a good factor like Tiffany and Co. and Swarovski, to name a few.

• Desired Design/Colour/Clarity/Cut of the diamond According to American Gem Society Labs, identify diamonds through its design, shape, and clarity and cut which varies from round to square and etc. Not all buyers know how to identify diamond quality so it is best to study more about it before having the final purchase.

• Diamond Certification Diamonds are certified according to its quality and there are only few organizations that perform it like American Gem Society Labs, Gemological Institute of America, and European Gemological Laboratory.

• Insurance Policy Every store needs to have their diamonds be assured in case there are security problems that may arise during the handling or purchasing of the diamond. See to it that there is a proper contract between you and the store because handling is the crucial part of the purchasing process.

Have you wonder why diamond could be so luxury that it can reach a value of thousand to millions? It’s because diamond is not easily be seen and there are only few places around the world that have rich mineral deposit of it. Africa is one of the few continent that has rich minerals like diamond. It contributes to 50 % of the global production of diamond which tops them in the mining business.

The best part of having diamond is the luxury. The most precious stone in the world is just a simple click away from everyone. Using the world-wide-web as means for purchasing and identifying its authenticity is an advantage. The valuable gemstone like every girl’s best friend is an attraction and investment for everyone therefore, authenticity should be considered at all times when purchasing and identifying a diamond.