How to Get RHCT Certification

How to Get RHCT Certification

The RHCT certification or more precisely the Red Hat Certified Technician certification is a basic level Red Hat Linux certification and lays the foundation of more advanced RHCE certification. RHCT is the stepping stone of establishing Linux credential and is most useful and ideal for those moving from non-Linux to Linux environments. RHCT is basically a performance oriented test which is a way to measure the actual proficiency on live systems. Red Hat is the most widely used version of Linux and a certification from it can help you a lot to obtain competitive job opportunities on core Linux as well as in its other applications.

Though it is a low-level certification yet the RHCT certification is not an entry level certification. The RHCT exam is half daylong session with entirely performance based analysis. This means that there is hardly any pen and paper job with no Multiple Choice Questions to solve. The test is based on live performance that is, you actually have to demonstrate your expertise in system installation or troubleshooting as well as its configuration similar to the working of a system administrator.

RHCT certification exam is divided in two sections viz; troubleshooting with system maintenance and Installation and configuration. In order to qualify for the RHCT credential one needs to successfully clear all the problems in section 1 and at least 70% in section 2. Since the exam is based on Lab performance, candidates have to wait for three business days to get the results mailed to them. If you have the fundamental knowledge on Ret Hat Linux essentials, Red Hat system administration, then you’ll have an upper hand in the RHCT certification exams.

The test is only taken in Red Hat authorized facility centers because they are lab based. For helping you prepare for the RHCT certification, Red Hat offers a training course (available online too) but it is not a compulsory requirement for appearing for the exams. Apart from this facility there are other online test engines as well as comprehensive test series guides available. However labor and hard work with proper understanding from your side is of utmost importance.