The Importance of Becoming a Licensed Vocational Nurse

The Importance of Becoming a Licensed Vocational Nurse

If you are a person who has selected nursing as your career, you should know that nursing is a rewarding as well as a satisfaction-providing profession. The main thing to be noted is that the question of where to begin should be carefully answered. There are many ways to pursue the training for nursing. One way is to choose a nursing college, where you have to spend 4 years of hard learning and training, to achieve the bachelor’s degree in nursing, and to certify as an RN. The Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) training is an optional method for this, which can help you save quite some time!

There are many vocational schools and colleges which provide the training to become an LVN, and they can help you to get started with your career within a year’s time! Fast track programs are available to complete the course at a faster rate. The responsibilities of LVN are somewhat different from that of an RN, and they are under the supervision of the RNs or doctors. But there are many good sides for choosing the LVN as your profession. Even if it is just as a beginning stage of nursing, opting for LVN can bring you many benefits. One of the best benefits is the experience you gain and the other is that the route towards becoming an RN gets shortened.

Getting Experience in Nursing

Having experience is something that counts the most when you are looking for a job with a good pay scale. As can be seen, some people are experts in grasping knowledge that they don’t actually require 4 years to acquire the whole knowledge. 4 years in a nursing college will be a waste of time here. Choosing the LVN course, you can get sufficient experience during the course time itself, and even if you decide that nursing is not meant for you after the course, it is only one year that you have lost!

Shortening the route to become a Registered Nurse

Becoming a Registered Nurse always require the proper completion of the course and involves a long process. If you choose the LVN course when you begin your pursuit of the nursing career, you can easily shorten the path towards the goal of becoming an RN. Once you obtain an experience of one year as an LVN, there is an LVN to RN transition course that you can attend, and hence become an RN, in a shorter span of time. This course is an 8 months course, which provides the fastest way in becoming an RN. Thus finally, instead of the four year degree course, you can opt for the one year of LVN course, another one year to work and gain experience, and then directly go for the 8 months fast track course to become an RN. Thus you can save more than one year!

Should I go for an LVN Course?

The answer is a big yes, as you will get the correct start in the nursing profession, with rewarding experiences as you move on.