CEU for Nurses: Keeping Up With An Ever Evolving Career

CEU for Nurses: Keeping Up With An Ever Evolving Career

Those who have decided to start a career in nursing can obtain various levels of education. These different levels of education can help to dictate exactly what type of nursing jobs they enter the market in. Their level of education can also dictate how far they can go in the world of nursing. Those who are trying to advance as far as possible in the nursing profession are going to look for the highest levels of education possible. CEU for nurses is just one of the many actions that those who are in nursing take to try to increase their knowledge and advance their careers.

It is important to note that there are some states that require CEU for nurses. Some forms of education, including master’s degrees, require that students obtain a specific amount of hours that fall under the category of continuing education.

Continuing education units can actually be hands-on experience hours that will help you to keep up with the world of nursing. Certain units are meant to help you to update your own knowledge of the nursing world. Others are meant to help you to better understand some of the many advancements in technology. The nursing world adapts quickly to changes in health care, and continuing education units help nurses to follow suit.

CEUs can also be online courses that help to provide you with the updated information that you need to be at the top of your career and field. These are especially helpful for those who are required, by their state, to complete different continuing education units.

If you are looking to take CEU for nursing you are going to want to make sure that your credits are approved by your state board. Both in-person and online continuing education credits need to be approved by a specific association. The credits should be approved by the ANCC, also known as the American Nurses Credentialing Center. This is a part of the overall American Nurses Association (ANA), the governing board that watches over most, if not all, registered nursing education.

Those who have already passed their boards and have already met their continuing education unit needs should still seek out some form of continuing education. While the health care field is growing rapidly, so is the number of individuals who are looking to get into the job field. You must do whatever you can to make yourself stand out among the rest of the individuals looking to snag a job in an industry expected to grow by over 20 percent in the next ten years. Continuing education credits beyond what is required will help you to do so.

CEU for nurses is something that should not be seen as optional. Even if your state does not require you to go through continuing education for your license, seek out classes and opportunities. This continued education will help you to rise to the top of the nursing world, giving you the education and information that you need to be the best nurse that you can be.…

Go Volunteer!

Go Volunteer!

Some years ago, after an unfulfilling job ended, I returned to Job Connections, a networking group for people in transition, feeling a bit like a failure. I talked with one of the leaders of the program after the meeting and asked him for some advice on how to get back into a job search. I’ll never forget what he said. “JP – as I recall, you’ve always been involved in volunteer work … why don’t you get back involved again?”

Of course he was right – I had let my volunteer work drop off as I got more involved in my job, so when my job ended, I just started feeling sorry for myself. Getting back involved with Junior Achievement and the theater company I was part of was just what I needed to focus on others rather than myself. As I started a new career last year, I got even more involved – volunteering for assignments, joining my MBA alumni group, looking for ways to help others, and connecting people I met with others who might help them.

It wasn’t hard and in fact, it was fun and pretty rewarding. Now as I meet new people and others who are in transition, I am finding that I can share my ever growing network to help them, too. Here’s an example – a friend and former employee of mine contacted me earlier this year and said she was a free agent once again. I knew how talented she is and talked to another friend who was a senior executive with a large company. He said “JP – I’ll be happy to meet with her, but we have a hiring freeze and I can’t help her here.” A month later I contacted my friend and asked her how the meeting went… she said that she’d had 4 interviews with his company and was going to meet the big boss from back East the next day. She is now the Director of Sale Operations for my friend – he recognized her talents and created the position for her.

So why am I writing this to you? If you really enjoy people but are shy (as I once was) putting yourself out there to meet others can open so many new opportunities – career and personal. Once people know that you are concerned about offering them value (whatever it might be – large or small – a job opportunity or a new recipe) they will want to return the favor. The more people you meet, the more opportunities will result.

There are no guarantees in life, but getting out there and volunteering will force you to meet others, many sharing the same giving philosophy – and you may find yourself rewarded in ways you never expected, maybe even a new career that is rewarding.

What do you have to lose? Good luck and best regards! For more information on this terrific non-profit organization, check out .…

Therapy: Continuing Education and Why It Matters

Therapy: Continuing Education and Why It Matters

A wise man once said that those who fail to learn soon learn to fail. In the world of therapy, continuing education is vital when it comes to providing patients with the very best in results. Psychology is not a static science. If you were dealing with a computer specialist who hadn’t learned anything about computers since they graduated fifteen years ago, how helpful do you think they would be? Well, the same holds true for psychology.

When it comes to therapy, continuing education can mean a lot of things. Today, there are a great many resources available to the psychotherapist who wants to remain on top of their profession. Web-based classes, internet seminars, DVD materials, books, journals. All of these materials are available to every professional therapist, giving them a great deal of choice when it comes to how they would like to remain up to date on the latest research and developments in their field. Of course, if you are taking these classes to earn credits for a license renewal, you have to look for accredited materials that will count towards the total. Materials without such accreditation, however, may be fine for personal growth and development.

Besides simply staying on top of license requirements, however, why is it so important for mental health professionals to further their learning and understanding of their field? For one thing, the research changes all the time. No matter what area you practice in, there are going to be broad changes in thinking over time. Does this mean you have to change your practice every time the wind blows another way among the prevailing minds in psychology? Of course not. But you should always be aware of these changes. Aware of the differences, so you can choose what things you would like to incorporate, if any at all.

A therapist’s patient deserves the best treatment their doctor can offer them. If that doctor has given up on continuing to inform themselves, they have already failed their clientele. The best psychotherapist in the world has yet to perfect their treatment. Any doctor who stops learning has stunted their growth and the growth of their practice. At some point, their treatment will turn to hackwork. In therapy, continuing education is not only important for individual doctors, but important for researchers and professors involved in every facet of the field. Only through ongoing research, thought, and study can the science of psychology and therapy continue to grow.…

Physical Therapy Continuing Education: What Can We Do to Decrease the Risk of ACL Injuries?

Physical Therapy Continuing Education: What Can We Do to Decrease the Risk of ACL Injuries?

ACL related Physical Therapy continuing education courses have taught us there are four factors, that can be addressed through exercise, that decrease the risk of anterior cruciate ligament injuries in the female athlete. We recently interviewed an ACL expert to expand on this. Here is what he had to say.

Interviewer: So we now know about ligament dominance, quadriceps dominance, leg dominance and trunk dominance. Is there anything we can do about these things?

ACL Expert: So, we think these four neuromuscular imbalances underlie these four mechanisms that relate to ACL injury risk that we see more often in than males, in females.

So, what I’ve been talking about so far is really the bad news of this entire situation.

Interviewer: Okay.

ACL Expert: The good news is that – you know people have conjectured for years that this is really related to female anatomy; wider hips or a greater quadriceps angle, and they’ve thrown out that it’s related to hormones, it’s related to the estrogen surge in the middle of the menstrual cycle and that’s what leads to a weaker ACL and greater injury risk.

There’s no doubt that this is a multi-factoral problem, however, our findings related to these neuromuscular imbalances give us all hope because neuromuscular control is one thing we can readily change. Women can adapt to interventions and neuromuscular control training that can make them better, that can reduce not only these neuromuscular imbalances that we’ve shown in the lab – in the mid-’90s we did a series of studies where we showed we could use neuromuscular control training to alter and reduce some of these neuromuscular imbalances that I talked about, actually all of them, and then we could take those exact same interventions out onto the field and drop relative injury risk by about half.

Interviewer: Wow.

ACL Expert: That’s the good news in all this. Yes, these findings that it is primary neuromuscular is really good because that’s the one area – we really can’t alter anatomy and we don’t really want to play around with hormones too much without getting ourselves in a fair amount of trouble. But, neuromuscular control we can alter and we can do that.

The only sort of side effect of neuromuscular training is a more athletic individual. So, the side effects you get out of this training, in attempts to reduce these relative neuromuscular control deficits, is you get not only probably a safer athlete with an effect size of about 50 percent, but in these young women who have low powered engines relative to the size of their machine you increase that power and control and relative muscle recruitment, and you also not only have maybe a 50 percent reduction in risk, you have anywhere between a 10, 20, 100 percent increase in power and neuromuscular control, depending on what you’re looking at. That’s the good side effect you get out of this training.

It’s also very similar to what you do – what we did is we took these exercises from athletic development training, from rehab, and they work well not only to create greater neuromuscular control and potentially lower risk, but also a more balanced, more powerful, more in control athlete.…

Find Out If You Really Want To Be A Certified Financial Planner

Find Out If You Really Want To Be A Certified Financial Planner

Surveys show that most of the Certified Financial Planners are serving about two hundred clients. This clearly suggests that a Certification Financial Planner has become one of the hottest professions in the job market.

Every person has a different set of skills and not all are meant for the same job. So the question is- Who all can really earn a financial planner certification? To become a certified advisor, make sure you possess the following skill-set:

– You are going to deal directly with clients on a daily basis, so you should have good communication skills.

– You should be comfortable handling computer data.

– It is very important to be Mathematics friendly. Financial Planner Certification is all about playing with numbers. You have to analyze on how to utilize company’s assets and calculate expected expenditure. So if you fear Maths, you are unfit to play here.

– You must have strong analytical skills and a fascination for Investment markets.

There are thousands of financial advisors who are pretty good with their job even without a certification. However, most companies demand for specific skills and a valid certificate to prove your credibility. For this, many young graduates and professional advisors try to find out about Financial Planning Association to get enrolled in a good college for financial planning. However, you must know that clearing the certified financial planner exam and enrolling in the best college for financial planning is not a cup of coffee for everyone.

To get started, you will require to join some classes which provide training and course material to clear the certified financial planner exam. To find out about some good classes available, you can visit Financial Planning Association as they are the administrative body behind the certification courses.

There are many online classes offering courses allover the United States and Canada. This way you can also save time as you can prepare sitting at home. These classes provide course materials and online lectures necessary to clear the exam and get entrance to the reputed financial planning association. If you get admission into one of the best college for financial planning clearing the certification course, then there is no looking back as there are many companies and business individuals waiting to take your service. Companies give great salary and good incentives once you get a degree from Financial Planning Association.

There are many different ways a Certified Financial Planner can make earnings. One is on fee-basis through which the company and the advisor are settled on a fixed fee. Companies usually hire freshers on this basis. More experienced can also earn commission-based incentive in which they get paychecks for every bond, stocks or mutual funds.

You can also choose to be an independent certified advisor. Independent advisors are simply those who are not committed to any single company, but they advise large number of individuals and different companies. Independent planning requires thorough study of client’s financial status, preferences and business goals and objectives. Companies and individuals seek advise on matters like insurance, investment, pensions, retirement plans, tax, real estate and other legal issues.

With the right information, online enquiries, good referrals, you are now ready to mark your presence as a certification financial planner. Anyway, good decision making, knowledge and execution always holds the keys for Success as certified financial planner.…

Why Continuing Education is Important in an Online Marketing Business!

Why Continuing Education is Important in an Online Marketing Business!

Continuing Education is a way of life, and the only way to stay on top of your online marketing business. It sometimes hurts to continue learning especially as you get older. But nobody knows everything, and you never know when that next million dollar idea will come unless you keep learning.

Continuing education is what we need in order to stay competitive in to days world. The biggest mistake people make, is thinking they already know everything. The saying you can not teach an old dog new tricks is far from true.

The Golden Years

Think about all the people now in their golden years that have went back to school. I heard about an eighty year old man that decided to learn German. When asked, Why did you wait so late in life to learn German? His answer was, “It is the earliest age I have right now”! You need to constantly keep stuffing things into your brain to learn or it will go dormant. That is when a lot of elderly get dementia.

You maybe thinking, But I am a young person and I do not need to worry about dementia right now. Maybe so, but as soon as you start thinking you know everything, is when your competition will eat you alive.

If you have an every day JOB, then day in and day out you most likely are doing the same thing. Same way with life at home as a mom or stay at home dad. Believe it or not your brain is not learning any more with mundane jobs. Once you decide to change careers or go back to school, or start a business online, then you really have to use your brain and it hurts. That is when a lot of people just give up because it is just too hard. You have to continually keep your brain busy doing things it does not normally do. This will also help you in thinking and looking younger.

Are You Still Teachable?

Everyone is still teachable, including YOU. One way to keep your mind alert is to do crossword puzzles. Make your brain think! Learn that second language you always wanted to know.

If you do not already have an online marketing business, get one, the learning is endless. Everyday there is a new way to advertise, and in order to stay on top of your competition, you have to continue learning that new way.

Start reading articles that some one else has wrote. Even if you do not think it is interesting, read it all the way through, that will force your brain to react to what is being written in the article.

What ever you have already learned about online marketing, teach it! Having to answer questions from other people will make you learn more. It is amazing what questions some people can come up with. What a way to stretch your brain by finding out the answers!

Sleep Well

Always get a good nights sleep. Your brain is always thinking, and statistics say that during your deepest sleep is when your brain functions the most. Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night with a, “I know this will work, idea”? All of a sudden you just have to get up and write it down! Maybe in the morning the idea was not so good after all, but maybe it was!

By continuing to stretch and use your brain every day, will keep you young and smart. Remember education is a way of life and the only way to stay ahead of your competition in to days world.…

What Kind of Assignments to Expect in an Online MBA Program

What Kind of Assignments to Expect in an Online MBA Program

Many adult learners are returning to school. They feel they need to further their education to advance their career or secure their position within their company. For many of them this will be an eye opening experience. They probably have not attended school in years, let alone take online courses. They are probably scared and not very confident on how they will do in an online class. Online classes have become more and more popular due to the convenience and flexibility they offer. If someone is working full-time and has a family, online learning is probably their best option to be successful. In this article we are going to talk about some of the assignments a student to expect in an online MBA program.

First, we are going to start with discussion board postings. Discussion board postings are very common in online MBA programs. They are a way students can communicate with each other and the professor. In many MBA programs students will do discussion board postings on a weekly basis. Sometimes they will write about an article they read or answer questions from the textbook. Discussion board postings are a large part of your participation grade and usually about 30% of your overall grade.

Second, we are going to discuss Harvard case studies. Case studies are important for a number of reasons. They allow students to collaborate and work together in a group setting, research and analyze data, and make recommendations. Harvard Case studies are very popular in MBA programs. Students usually enjoy them because they are doing research on a topic they are passionate about. Many students use their companies or profession when doing the case studies.

Third, we are going to discuss exams and quizzes. Most exams and quizzes you will take will be timed, open book exams. Many schools do not require you to go to a testing center and allow you to complete your exam from anywhere you choose with internet access. If the school does require a testing center make sure to find something local and convenient for you.

As you can see an online MBA program tries to keep students engaged in many different ways. The professors know they are working with adults and try to keep the program as flexible as possible. Most programs recommend at least 15-20 hours per week to dedicate to the program. Most MBA programs offer one class at a time, but the classes are only five or six weeks each. Make sure you have time set aside to complete your studies online.…