What Kind of Assignments to Expect in an Online MBA Program

What Kind of Assignments to Expect in an Online MBA Program

Many adult learners are returning to school. They feel they need to further their education to advance their career or secure their position within their company. For many of them this will be an eye opening experience. They probably have not attended school in years, let alone take online courses. They are probably scared and not very confident on how they will do in an online class. Online classes have become more and more popular due to the convenience and flexibility they offer. If someone is working full-time and has a family, online learning is probably their best option to be successful. In this article we are going to talk about some of the assignments a student to expect in an online MBA program.

First, we are going to start with discussion board postings. Discussion board postings are very common in online MBA programs. They are a way students can communicate with each other and the professor. In many MBA programs students will do discussion board postings on a weekly basis. Sometimes they will write about an article they read or answer questions from the textbook. Discussion board postings are a large part of your participation grade and usually about 30% of your overall grade.

Second, we are going to discuss Harvard case studies. Case studies are important for a number of reasons. They allow students to collaborate and work together in a group setting, research and analyze data, and make recommendations. Harvard Case studies are very popular in MBA programs. Students usually enjoy them because they are doing research on a topic they are passionate about. Many students use their companies or profession when doing the case studies.

Third, we are going to discuss exams and quizzes. Most exams and quizzes you will take will be timed, open book exams. Many schools do not require you to go to a testing center and allow you to complete your exam from anywhere you choose with internet access. If the school does require a testing center make sure to find something local and convenient for you.

As you can see an online MBA program tries to keep students engaged in many different ways. The professors know they are working with adults and try to keep the program as flexible as possible. Most programs recommend at least 15-20 hours per week to dedicate to the program. Most MBA programs offer one class at a time, but the classes are only five or six weeks each. Make sure you have time set aside to complete your studies online.