Why Continuing Education is Important in an Online Marketing Business!

Why Continuing Education is Important in an Online Marketing Business!

Continuing Education is a way of life, and the only way to stay on top of your online marketing business. It sometimes hurts to continue learning especially as you get older. But nobody knows everything, and you never know when that next million dollar idea will come unless you keep learning.

Continuing education is what we need in order to stay competitive in to days world. The biggest mistake people make, is thinking they already know everything. The saying you can not teach an old dog new tricks is far from true.

The Golden Years

Think about all the people now in their golden years that have went back to school. I heard about an eighty year old man that decided to learn German. When asked, Why did you wait so late in life to learn German? His answer was, “It is the earliest age I have right now”! You need to constantly keep stuffing things into your brain to learn or it will go dormant. That is when a lot of elderly get dementia.

You maybe thinking, But I am a young person and I do not need to worry about dementia right now. Maybe so, but as soon as you start thinking you know everything, is when your competition will eat you alive.

If you have an every day JOB, then day in and day out you most likely are doing the same thing. Same way with life at home as a mom or stay at home dad. Believe it or not your brain is not learning any more with mundane jobs. Once you decide to change careers or go back to school, or start a business online, then you really have to use your brain and it hurts. That is when a lot of people just give up because it is just too hard. You have to continually keep your brain busy doing things it does not normally do. This will also help you in thinking and looking younger.

Are You Still Teachable?

Everyone is still teachable, including YOU. One way to keep your mind alert is to do crossword puzzles. Make your brain think! Learn that second language you always wanted to know.

If you do not already have an online marketing business, get one, the learning is endless. Everyday there is a new way to advertise, and in order to stay on top of your competition, you have to continue learning that new way.

Start reading articles that some one else has wrote. Even if you do not think it is interesting, read it all the way through, that will force your brain to react to what is being written in the article.

What ever you have already learned about online marketing, teach it! Having to answer questions from other people will make you learn more. It is amazing what questions some people can come up with. What a way to stretch your brain by finding out the answers!

Sleep Well

Always get a good nights sleep. Your brain is always thinking, and statistics say that during your deepest sleep is when your brain functions the most. Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night with a, “I know this will work, idea”? All of a sudden you just have to get up and write it down! Maybe in the morning the idea was not so good after all, but maybe it was!

By continuing to stretch and use your brain every day, will keep you young and smart. Remember education is a way of life and the only way to stay ahead of your competition in to days world.