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How to Write Good in Essay Tips

Which subject at school you don’t like the most or afraid of? All students must have some scary subjects like Mathematics. But there is also a subject which gives the same pressure called essay. This subject really requires us to think so hard. That’s why how to write good in Essay tips are useful for you. Learn all the tips of how to write good in essay precisely.

Come up the Problems to make an Idea

We all know that getting the idea is not as easy as when we google anything on the internet. Having enough knowledge is the only key to make ourselves easier to write. Come up the problems that you always want to discuss. It can be from the society around you or something you like. Don’t focus on the very hard topic that can make you more confused because it will make you difficult in realizing how to write good. Use the simple topic which you know it very well. This is the first thing you should learn about how to write good in essay.

Write as Clear as Possible

In writing essay, you need to make your teacher interested to read the whole story. That’s why you must write it clearly. Use your writing style as long as it’s easy to follow. Avoid writing unimportant things only to fulfill the paper. It’s better for you to tell directly but clearly rather than write a long sentences but it makes the essay becomes messy. This is the next thing about how to write good in essay.

Prove Your Arguments with References

If you want your essay to be more convincing, add references to support your arguments. Don’t be afraid to reveal something as long as you have evidences. This is definitely the best answer of how to write your essay longer. Show your ability to elaborate arguments and evident to make strong and clear writing.

Revise the Unclear Parts

When you think that the story you tell is not readable enough, you can revise it. Sometimes we don’t realize that we make mistakes at the time we write. That’s why after accomplish the essay, it is the best time to add or reduce the unclear parts. Do this suggestion of how to write good to improve the quality of your essay.…

How to Raise a Genius Tips for Parent

Raising kids who are growing up is not easy for every parent. We are expected to make them smarter even genius. But some kids are already born to be genius. For those who want or already have genius kids, you still have to know well about how to raise a genius kid. From the simple things you can apply them to improve yourself to learn how to raise a genius kid.

Always Give Them Affection

Love is everything for any relationships like you and your kids. It’s difficult to raise kids to be genius when they get less love from you. That’s why giving your kids affection is the first tips how to raise a genius kid to apply. It will make them confident to be better because you give affection and support behind them.

Let Them be Curious

Many knowledge we know is one of the ways how to be a genius person. Apply this for your kids by letting them to be more curious. They can explore anything they want to reveal. You as the parents take a responsibility to watch their activity and help them anytime they ask. This is the second tips how to rise a genius kid which is important too.

Give Them Healthy Foods

Besides love and affection, you should also give support from the health side. Give them healthy foods which can improve their memory and intelligence to be a genius. If you only give mental support, you should apply this number three of how to raise a genius kid tips. Be the parents who give both mental and physically support for your little ones.

Improve Their Ability by Providing Games

The last way how to raise a genius kid is by improving their ability using games. Give them games which can improve their memory such as puzzle and board games. It’s very effective way how to raise a genius kid when you do it frequently. They will be faster in thinking and remembering gradually.

Why are Some People Smarter than Others?

Do you ever feel envy every time you see smarter people? It feels like you want to be like them but it’s hard to make it. There’s also an amazement of why are some people smarter than others? If you want to find out the answer, you should learn about this idea of why are some people smarter than others through this article. You also can use these reasons below to realize it for yourself.

They Read More

The first reason why are some people smarter than others is because they read more. It’s not always reading books but also the other informative media such as newspaper or magazine. Commonly smarter people like to spend their free time to read rather than hanging out somewhere. You can steal this trick if you want to feel the reason why are some people smarter tan others.

Learn Something from every Mistake

The next reason why are some people smarter than others is because they learn something from every mistake they make. Being a smart is not always from your birth because there are also people who become smart at a certain age. So, you still can get the same change to improve yourself to be smarter than before.

They are in the Right Environment

Being in the right environment is the next answer why are some people smarter than others. You can analyze or even put yourself in a certain condition. You can take an example when you live in the environment with uneducated people, it must be really difficult to develop ourselves. So, being with the smart people will support you to become smart too.

They Do More Effort than Others

The last reason why are some people smarter than others is because they do more effort. It’s just like when you suffer more to get something, you will obviously get what you have been looking for. Work harder always becomes the reason why are some people smarter than others.…


Being a smart and intelligent woman will bring many benefits to you. But, in reality how to be smart a woman? For many women, how to be physically beautiful is not the only issue that matters. There are other things that you need to strive for, that is, how to be a smart woman. Giving a smart impression is not only related to completing the formal education to the higher level. Actually, how to be a smart woman can be shown with a variety of natural ways that are quite easy to do. A smart woman is a woman who can put herself on the conditions and the particular situation correctly. Here are some of the tips on how to be a smart woman.

Expand Your Knowledge

The knowledge not only something that you can get from school. You also can get much knowledge from the environment, anywhere, and any time. How to be a smart woman? You should get as many knowledge. You have to be proactive because you will never know which knowledge you will need in the future.


Being a smart woman sometimes related to their liking into reading activities. The educational background did not fully take effect on a person’s reading culture. How to be a smart woman? Try to read as much as you can.

Speak Properly

A smart woman can also be seen from the way she talks to other people. Make sure to speak only when you know it in details. Be wise in judging and talking about yourself. Be a wise woman in taking decisions, including in terms of speech. Measure the words you will be talking to others. You only need to speak good words so others are motivated and inspired. If you don’t think you can give good words, it would be better to stay still.

Those are tips on how to be a smart woman. Start to gain more knowledge with more reading, seeing things, and being critical of things. This way you will be gaining more knowledge. A smart woman is not an individualist. They will upgrade more ability and the knowledge so that more people can get benefit from it.…


Continue the education abroad always gets its own added value. Many people believe that study abroad could give many positive reasons, some of which give the experience and opportunity to live in a different country with a different culture and lifestyle. But you have to know how to get international scholarship? first. International student usually could make a wider social network with many people from different countries. For those who want to continue their study abroad, the school fee becomes one of the main reason to be considered. However, the cost or the school fee is not an issue that can make a lot of people to give up on their dreams to study abroad. A quite large number of institutions offer the scholarship that can serve the student the way to continue their study. How to get international scholarship? You can learn it here.

Get An English Proficiency Training

How to get international scholarship? Improve your English language fluently. The first thing you have to make sure to get international scholarship is your English ability. Train your English ability professionally from the licensed trainer. You also need to do the TOEFL or IELTS test as the standard requirements from the university abroad.

Choose the Right University

How to get international scholarship? When you have decided to apply for a scholarship, you need to choose the most appropriate and suitable course and major department based on your liking. Every department and also the University itself will have the rank values in the world of international education. Ranking the majors is certainly going to be different with the ranking of universities because both have different criteria. Consider these before choosing a University place you want to attend later.

Prepare Well

How to get international scholarship? Prepare well. Collect all the pieces of information concerning all the application process as well as any requirements. It is very important to be well-prepared since the beginning so that you can prepare the registration carefully. You need to prepare the CV, Letters of Reference and also a motivation letter as your registration proposal. Make sure to put it all together. You should have a good ability to convince the organizers, that you are the best candidate for the scholarship. The TOEFL or IELTS is mandatory for the application proposal. You should possess a good ability in a foreign language, especially English.

Don’t forget to learn the interview method, which mostly you need is a high confidence. Fix your language skill especially English language. And don’t forget to keep trying. Hopefully the tips on how to get international scholarship will help you to achieve your dream.…


What are the benefits of e-learning for kids? Nowadays, everyone knows that the technology was able to give some of its own conveniences of life. The education aspect is one of them. The concept of the education system that makes use of information technology in the teaching and learning process is called e-learning. If you want to implement e-learning system in teaching and learning process, you need to find out first what the benefits of e-learning for kids that you can get later.

Unlimited Learning Materials

One of the biggest the benefits of e-learning for kids is unlimited learning materials. Instead of ignoring the conventional library, the e-learning system allows you to obtain much more learning materials than the conventional library. You only need to type in a specific keyword on a search engine online and you can get the list of information from a variety of sources. And it also only takes a short of time.

Explore More Knowledge

You will get a big opportunity to explore more knowledge while doing e-learning. This is also the benefits of e-learning for kids. You will find a new information that will keep you getting curious. The good point is, you can soon looking for that information easily. That way, anyone who does e-learning can have many opportunities to explore any information.

More Flexible Time

The other the benefits of e-learning for kids is a flexible time. Learning in the classroom is indeed great for improving communication skills and socialization of students, but it cannot be denied that e-learning is superior in terms of flexibility. A student can study whenever and wherever they are, all they need is an adequate internet connection device.

Match The Digital Era

The last part of the benefits of e-learning for kids is it matches the digital era. The various aspects of current life have begun to move into the digital realm. Any student learning activities will certainly be easier by implementing e-learning system. Especially, if the student uses a computer that all the features have been adapted to the student’s needs as well as the teachers.…

How to Be a Genius Person

Everyone want to be a genius. Having a genius brain is not easy. But it can be trained by self-taught. You can learn how to be a genius person here. It will help you to train your brain in simple ways.

In this era, it is easy to get any kinds of information through the internet. You do not have to be genius since you were born. You can be a genius person anytime. There is no limitation of age for it. The geniuses only succeed in using their brainpower more than ordinary people. In fact, everyone can develop their thinking skills like train their brains. The key is just the will and hard work. There are some tips how to be a genius person below.

Be Curious for Anything

Being curious for anything is the first tips how to be a genius. You can ask questions anytime you do not get the point of something you discuss about with your friends or others. It will lead you to find answers and make discoveries.

According to research, children with high curiosity get higher IQ when they are older than children who have lower level of curiosity. Being a curious will boosts your intelligence and give you skills in solving problem.

Know Your Passion

Passion is important for you to be a genius. You do not need to good at everything to be a genius. Know your passion and train it every day also will make you become a genius. This is the second tips of how to be a genius person that you need to follow.

Take your time for something you good at. Find something that make you excited to do it every day. It will be a start for you to be a genius.

Read Less Do More

Read is necessary for us in getting more knowledge. But it will limit yourself in developing yourself. You need to try to do more. There is no book that teach you to be a genius. Action is the only thing that teach you through success or failure. Getting information only will help you to learn more. This is the third tips of how to be a genius you need to know.

Listen to the Music

Listening to the music is the great way to improve our right brain in learning. This is the fourth tips for you how to be a genius you need to follow. According to the research, music lessons can improve our intelligence and school achievement of a child. We will get more obvious result if we learn it longer.

Surround Yourself with Genius People

Make interaction with genius people will make you understand how to learn something from other people. Try to talk to them or make discussion with them. If you routinely do it, you will get used to it. It will be the beginning for you to become a genius. This is the fifth tips how to be a genius you need to follow.

Have Enough Sleep

The last tips of how to be a genius person is have enough of sleep. It may seems unimportant to make us to become a genius. But have good enough of sleep can help us to relax our brain. As the consequence, your brain will learn something faster and you can be more genius day by day.

By learning all these tips, hope it can give you a clear image about how to be a genius for you and other people you want to tell about how to be a genius.…